something to be proud of.

the magenta homies gave the god of mischief his very own board.  i'm honored and hyped.  check it and the rest of the new line (including the carlos young guest board!) at the theories of atlantis store.

a rad little review of the SF section up on Mass Appeal.

i'm back in new york.  it's bittersweet.  i'm missing the hills already.  to remember the vibe, check out this new promo from northern co, a new skate company which is looking to be pretty sick.  jesse narvaez and bryan botelho are the first riders, and the promo was shot and cut by the bizarre and wonderful zach chamberlin.

Northern Co. Promo/ Jesse Narvaez & Bryan Botelho from THE NORTHERN COMPANY on Vimeo.

maybe you should expect some mandible claw-related stuff from them in the future....