made this for the claw love.  kennedy rules.

trapped in the closet

i've been in florida for an unexpectedly long time.  i had intended to just come down for a short holiday trip, but the blizzards in new york city pushed back my return.  i hurt my foot pretty badly on a primo on the first day of the trip, but i've been trying to skate and film as much as i can with brandon damron and the rest of the 561 crew.  john clayton's unfortunately out do to a broken pelvis--i think i'm the only other person i know who's done that to himself too.  i made it to gainesville for 2 days to see all the boys and have an OG mandible claw reunion.  gentlemen.

i'll be back in NY later this week, bringing with me a full blog update.  until then, here's connor on the come-up on the skateboard mag site.

sequence by darnell scott.  fun fact--darnell didn't have his flashes, so i lit it up with my camera light, 90's style.