i got them hill street blues

hey gods.

i'm in san francisco, watching rain fall.  i dipped out from NY to the west coast a week ago--because i found a little bit of work out here, and because the itch to skate was too much to handle, and the snow and ice weren't letting up.  i arrived, feeling finally healed from a long foot injury, and met up with the boys.

cut to my second day, when i did a sleeping-horse-inspired TV wallie and tweaked my back again.  i ended up in a walk-in clinic.  i got prescribed some things to keep me on my feet, connor flew in for a day to bring me a back brace and bomb some hills, and in a few days tried rolling around again... i fell on a rock and broke one of my lights and hurt my foot again.  and then the rain began.

but i'm hopeful. we're making some fashion innovations:

in other news, UK site "caught in the crossfire" did a review of Tengu.  thanks for the kind words.

there'll be a new update coming on monday, i think.