the state of world affairs

it's an exciting time in skateboarding.  we're on the eve of the arrival of some of my most-anticipated skate videos to ever be produced.  a short list:

Static 4
BRONZE solo jazz 240p

not to mention mike atwood's incognito, jeremy elkin's new video, and the eventual DVD release of soleil levant.

with the rise of super-companies, skateboarding has reached such an unprecedented size that there is room in the cracks for a lot of independent companies and collaborations to gain a good amount of exposure.  small, foreign-based companies like magenta and polar have managed to gain worldwide followings, and grassroots start-ups like scumco and falcon bowse are gaining traction here in the US.

speaking of falcon bowse, it's a clothing and design company created by the talented mandible homie, brian downey  he's currently doing an amazing project on kickstarter, which you can see here:

he's offering the chance to create your own 5-panel hat out of your own old t-shirts. check how fucking sick this looks:
click the link and make one!