skateboarding media has reached such a point of over-saturation that i have stopped even trying to stay up on what comes out.  i've given up.  i've gone without seeing many of the recent "big videos" in skateboarding, and don't particularly want to catch up.  for the most part, you come to know what to expect in a company's video.  i've seen that skater's parts before.  i've heard the songs.

however, independent videos have more of a tendency to surprise.  you don't know what to expect when you've never heard of a skater before.  a lot of the time, you've never even seen skateboarding in that part of the world before.  when there's no one in the editing room but the guy who also filmed everything, with no standards or deadlines, some of the best ideas happen.  pete s's BRONZE videos, or the new sabotage video.

but anyway.  alex rose, one of the guys behind the tennskate video, sent me a copy of "videophile."  its soundtrack is pretty much only instrumental beats, and it covers a lot of ground in tennessee and the rest of the US.  all vx1000.  there's a lot of rail and stair stuff, yeah, but it's balanced by some different approaches.  james coleman has a little section, so does jimmy.

it's worth the buy.  tennskate.tumblr.com for more info.