au revoir

so i'm dipping tomorrow to france.  my new job turned out to be more of a waiting game, not getting any work; might as well waste my time in bordeaux with fine wine and baguettes.  (yes, those are the only things i know about france.)  i'm flying over to work on some magenta stuff with the boys, and from there i'm hopping over to spain for a while for further pleasures.  i'll be back next month.

in semi-related news, my magenta NYC edit is coming out in the morning.  i'm sure you all saw the static IV teaser, so no need to post that.  we all know how good it's going to be.  only thing to note is that my video should be coming out in a similar time-frame, most likely to my own detriment.  fuck it, i just want to get it out there.

au revoir.