back in the USSR (finally)

hey guys.  i'm finally back in america.  i was supposed to only be in japan for two weeks, but when all the rest of the crew left--connor, jake, tyler, and the aussie james ahern--i decided to extend my trip and stayed for a few more weeks.  speaking of james, he just happened to be in japan at the same time we were.  we didn't know him at all before, but he fell into the crew instantly, chilling and staying with us for the whole trip.  did i mention that he RIPS too?  you can find footage of him in josh roberts's videos out of perth.

the trip was incredible in every way.  the tokyo premiere was balls-out insane; OPSB played live, there was a ramp jam, not to mention that ALL THE HOMIES were there from all over japan.  the one person missing was kenji, but he's a recent father.  kombawa kenji-san!  we skated tons and filmed tons.  i have a good head-start on my next video already.  hiroki muraoka is set up to have a part in it, and it's going to be shocking.

TENGU is now officially for sale, so cop yourself (and your friend {and your mom [and your girlfriend's little brother who skates}]) a copy!

thanks to all the recent support.  expect more frequent blog updates now that my life has settled down a bit.

(photo by shinpei ueno)