Tengu Art Show

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, at Salomon Art Gallery
83 Leonard St, 4th floor. 4-8 PM

allen ying
alex fogt
glen fox
ben kilpatrick
carlos young
john lindsay
connor kammerer
brian downey
and more

come have some drinks and get ready for the TENGU premiere by checking out photos and art connected to the video. free show, then free premiere!

TENGU new york city premiere details

TENGU: God of Mischief
A film by Colin Read
Thurs Aug 29, 2013


Salomon Arts Gallery
83 Leonard st. 4th floor
b/t Church & Broadway
Manhattan, New York

Featuring previously unreleased works by Allen Ying, Alex Fogt, Glen Fox, Ben Kilpatrick, Brian Downey, Carlos Young, Cooper Winterson, Jayme Lemperle, John Lindsay, and more. Free drinks!



Free admission
doors: 8:30pm
screening: 9pm

Sunshine Cinema
143 East Houston st.
Manhattan, New York

Phonetage 10 (Tengu Edition)

Phonetage brings to you a TENGU inspired edit... On your roofs. In your bars. On your streets with beers in hand.

Tengu NYC premiere

All right, here we go!  FREE Premiere at Sunshine Cinema, doors open at 8:30, video starts at 9 PM.  Also check out the pre-screening art and photo show at Salomon Gallery, with new art connected to the video by Allen Ying, Alex Fogt, Ben Kilpatrick, Jayme Lemperle, and many more.  Free drinks!

I hope everybody can make it there.  If you don't live in NYC and want to make it here but have no place to stay, hit me up and I can help you find a place to crash.  Let's do the damn thing!


A little late on posting this but better late than never. Mike Heikkila brings us a phone edit that rivals even the great Phonetage in its cinematography, editing and music selection... FUNZA

TENGU - trailer 2

well, here it is.  the video is finished.  premieres around the world starting at the end of this month.  check back here for updated info about premieres, DVDs, etc.

i want to give a huge thanks to zach chamberlin, yoan taillandier, alex rose, and toriotoko for contributing footage and doing some amazing things; glen fox for his amazing artwork; Ponchi, PSG, jake ireland, tavo carbone, and connor kammerer for creating music; and evan borja for his incredible hand-drawn animation.  you guys made it all worthwhile.

see you all very soon!