Phonetage 11

Phonetage with footage from this summer and our trip to Japan. Thanks again to every one who helped us out in Japan. Below are some photos I shot on the trip... I posted a bunch more here

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back in the USSR (finally)

hey guys.  i'm finally back in america.  i was supposed to only be in japan for two weeks, but when all the rest of the crew left--connor, jake, tyler, and the aussie james ahern--i decided to extend my trip and stayed for a few more weeks.  speaking of james, he just happened to be in japan at the same time we were.  we didn't know him at all before, but he fell into the crew instantly, chilling and staying with us for the whole trip.  did i mention that he RIPS too?  you can find footage of him in josh roberts's videos out of perth.

the trip was incredible in every way.  the tokyo premiere was balls-out insane; OPSB played live, there was a ramp jam, not to mention that ALL THE HOMIES were there from all over japan.  the one person missing was kenji, but he's a recent father.  kombawa kenji-san!  we skated tons and filmed tons.  i have a good head-start on my next video already.  hiroki muraoka is set up to have a part in it, and it's going to be shocking.

TENGU is now officially for sale, so cop yourself (and your friend {and your mom [and your girlfriend's little brother who skates}]) a copy!

thanks to all the recent support.  expect more frequent blog updates now that my life has settled down a bit.

(photo by shinpei ueno)

Sayonara NYC

I'm outty. Getting on a plane to Tokyo in a few minutes. To anyone asking about DVDs, all preorders have been shipped. When I get back in two weeks, DVDs will be available worldwide. See you at the Tokyo premiere on the 24th!


BOOM the SF premiere is TOMORROW! details below, sucka.

this week: amsterdam! puerto rico! london! san francisco!

big week this week! click the links for premiere info:



also, SF is going to be on Friday! will get the info up tomorrow for that one.  see you there....?

Premieres / Pre-order TENGU now!

due to the unexpected amount of support and interest i've gotten around the world, we're taking TENGU on the road!  people have hit me up about organizing their own premieres in miami, toronto, vancouver, chicago, helsinki, croatia, warsaw, paris, puerto rico, valencia, london, SF, LA, perth, brisbane... the video is even going to be part of a european film festival!  thanks to everyone who has hit me up about getting a premiere going in their city.  if anyone else is interested in hooking one up in their area, just email me at and let's get things rolling!

...and for a similar reason, i'm putting TENGU up for pre-order.  DVDs will be available in october, after the premieres are all over; i think the best and most fun way to experience a skate video is at the premiere, so i want to give everyone a chance to have theirs first.  but for people who know they want it, it's available to pre-order now.  it's cheap, and they'll be the first ones shipped!  who knows, i might toss in some other stuff with the DVD.  only one way to find out...


Thanks to Scott Varney at King Shit for putting it together. 

THANK YOU! (the new york premiere)

the NYC premiere is a wrap.  thanks to everyone that came out, it was an incredible night.  to start off the day, we had the gallery show at salomon gallery on thursday, august 29, from 4-8 PM. it had roof and subway photos by allen ying, more photography by ben kilpatrick, cooper winterson, shoko ishida, and marco hernandez.  connor displayed a stereoscopic viewer with some amazing 3D photographs.  matt town ran a film projection--and a NTSC monitor--of a looping 8mm tengu interpretation.  fogt finally showed his skateboard wood block print series, with each skater's old board telling a story of how it was skated.  glen fox, who created all the art and titles for the video, came to NYC for his first time for the premiere, and showed a bunch of incredible tengu paintings.  carlos young, john lindsay, jayme lemperle, brian downey, and bill pierce all contributed some art as well.  it was all topped by mrs. kammerer, connor's mom, who showed up halfway through the event with an unbelievable plaster mask of tengu.  thanks to all the artists involved, as well as everyone who helped set up the show--cooper, cole giordano, nabi, and rodrigo and gigi salomon.

tons of people came soon after we opened the gallery at 4; vita coco and popchips donated refreshments, and natalie brought a VX1000 cake; we celebrated the show and the video by cutting the cake, then i had to run to the theater ahead of everyone to get ready for the premiere.

the doors were supposed to open at sunshine theater at 8:30.  i arrived at 8:15, and there were already over 200 people there.  it's only a 300 seat theater.  we had given out tickets at the gallery, and gave the rest out at the door, but we ran out by 8:30, and more people were coming every minute.  so we had to just start letting people in, ignoring tickets completely.

by 8:40, the seat were all filled, and over 150 people were still waiting.  a lot of them had been at the gallery, and had tickets, and had even helped with the video or help sponsor the event.  i convinced the staff--nick, the event coordinator at sunshine cinema, was a huge help--to let us try to pack the theater's aisles, front, back, everywhere.  we could have had 2 showings, but there's no way to beat the energy of everybody together in the same room at once.

when we shut the doors, it was only because you could not possibly fit another person into the theater. around 450 people jammed into a 300 seat theater.  it might not have been comfortable, but the vibe was sick.  sorry to everyone who still couldn't get in!  and, for the first time in NYC skate premiere history, the video started on time, at 9.

i hope everyone who came to the premiere enjoyed the video.  thanks again for coming out.  i'll see you at the next one!

check a photo recap of it over at TENGU Photo Recap

a few more photos of the art and the events (taken by allen ying and myself).  click any image to enlarge:

Tengu Art Show

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, at Salomon Art Gallery
83 Leonard St, 4th floor. 4-8 PM

allen ying
alex fogt
glen fox
ben kilpatrick
carlos young
john lindsay
connor kammerer
brian downey
and more

come have some drinks and get ready for the TENGU premiere by checking out photos and art connected to the video. free show, then free premiere!

TENGU new york city premiere details

TENGU: God of Mischief
A film by Colin Read
Thurs Aug 29, 2013


Salomon Arts Gallery
83 Leonard st. 4th floor
b/t Church & Broadway
Manhattan, New York

Featuring previously unreleased works by Allen Ying, Alex Fogt, Glen Fox, Ben Kilpatrick, Brian Downey, Carlos Young, Cooper Winterson, Jayme Lemperle, John Lindsay, and more. Free drinks!



Free admission
doors: 8:30pm
screening: 9pm

Sunshine Cinema
143 East Houston st.
Manhattan, New York

Phonetage 10 (Tengu Edition)

Phonetage brings to you a TENGU inspired edit... On your roofs. In your bars. On your streets with beers in hand.

Tengu NYC premiere

All right, here we go!  FREE Premiere at Sunshine Cinema, doors open at 8:30, video starts at 9 PM.  Also check out the pre-screening art and photo show at Salomon Gallery, with new art connected to the video by Allen Ying, Alex Fogt, Ben Kilpatrick, Jayme Lemperle, and many more.  Free drinks!

I hope everybody can make it there.  If you don't live in NYC and want to make it here but have no place to stay, hit me up and I can help you find a place to crash.  Let's do the damn thing!


A little late on posting this but better late than never. Mike Heikkila brings us a phone edit that rivals even the great Phonetage in its cinematography, editing and music selection... FUNZA

TENGU - trailer 2

well, here it is.  the video is finished.  premieres around the world starting at the end of this month.  check back here for updated info about premieres, DVDs, etc.

i want to give a huge thanks to zach chamberlin, yoan taillandier, alex rose, and toriotoko for contributing footage and doing some amazing things; glen fox for his amazing artwork; Ponchi, PSG, jake ireland, tavo carbone, and connor kammerer for creating music; and evan borja for his incredible hand-drawn animation.  you guys made it all worthwhile.

see you all very soon!

the state of world affairs

it's an exciting time in skateboarding.  we're on the eve of the arrival of some of my most-anticipated skate videos to ever be produced.  a short list:

Static 4
BRONZE solo jazz 240p

not to mention mike atwood's incognito, jeremy elkin's new video, and the eventual DVD release of soleil levant.

with the rise of super-companies, skateboarding has reached such an unprecedented size that there is room in the cracks for a lot of independent companies and collaborations to gain a good amount of exposure.  small, foreign-based companies like magenta and polar have managed to gain worldwide followings, and grassroots start-ups like scumco and falcon bowse are gaining traction here in the US.

speaking of falcon bowse, it's a clothing and design company created by the talented mandible homie, brian downey  he's currently doing an amazing project on kickstarter, which you can see here:

he's offering the chance to create your own 5-panel hat out of your own old t-shirts. check how fucking sick this looks:
click the link and make one!

GUEST POST - Alfonso Rivera

Alfonso Rivera came all the way from Puerto Rico to NYC--with no plans or places to stay--to see the magenta video premiere.  we scooped him up somewhere along the line, and he's been the ill homie ever since we met.  he reminded me today that i have a blog, a fact that i have neglected over the past few weeks and months due to work, traveling, life... a bunch of excuses, basically.  i blew it, sorry.  so here is what Alf has to say.

I came here for the premiere, didn't now what was going to happen.  I called Jimmy and Koki, who I met in Puerto Rico, and asked them where they were going to stay in New York.  Jimmy was about to come up from Boston and said he didn't know.

I called Yonnie when I landed and he gave me directions to where he was, and I ended up in 95 street. All the way in 95 street.  Finally I got on the right train, and by the time I got to Bushwick I had been in train for three hours.  Apparently we were on the same train, because Jimmy and Koki got out of the station at the same time I did.

This is my first trip on my own.  I have never been to New York by myself before, had nowhere to stay, but Jimmy told me to just go with him, and we went to Colin's house.  Jimmy had not even asked Colin before, and we showed up with 4 people!

So I'm at the skate house! 7 people here, the first day, people all over, we woke up and went to skate! The city is so hot, superheated, but we skated every day.  There were so many art shows, and it was amazing getting to meet everyone Wednesday at the premiere.

But the skating is amazing.  I know after I go home, that this will make me endure.  I will learn from it, look at things a different way.  Grab it, learn it, take it home.  Take it home and use what I see.  Skaters here know lots of things and places, surroundings... skaters here are great humans, pushing for different people, for later generations.  And meeting Takahiro?  Wow.  And the way Vivien introduced me to everyone, the way Colin introduced me to his friends.  It's like a movie.  It was like I was home, working, and suddenly--SNAP, I'm here.  It's like skating, it's very hard but when you aren't thinking about the difficulty, you just think about the fun, it's just the essence of skating.

I can't believe everything that has happened to me since I got here.  Things like Takahiro filming me today, like Koki killing it with girls all the time, seeing parts of Tengu...can you imagine what it's like here?  I don't feel like I'm in an exclusive place, or with exclusive people or anything like that, but Guru said "the most influential men got influential friends".  This city makes you like that.  Seeing the hard work behind everyone's projects gives you the motivation to really go for it.  Like how everyone gets so fucked up the night before, and then the next day they're out there skating and are like, well, what do you got?

I'm never filmed on a VX before, never wrote a blog before.  Everything right now is new.  Like the way Colin makes such funny faces at everything.  People from all over the world are here right now for the video--PR, Japan, France.  Here I am where things are happening, where life is happening.

The best time ever in New York is this summer, 2013.  It is a defining time.  Best time, best place, best people, best experience.  I know everything is going to change for me when I go back home.

Let's get out there and skate! Let's make music, make art, make something!
One Love NYC



not sure how to pronounce this one.  i just call it "cooper's video."  it's a video of young kids from new york who rip and are all weird as hell.  the video in general is very strange, which is a great compliment.  militano, kadow, clady, etc.  it's long, so watch it over the course of a 6-pack.  kadow's part is incredible.  \m/ \m/


we're in bristol.  i've hit a new benchmark in the destruction of shoes.  two days ago, our last day in london, i had long since worn through the bottom of my shoe, down to my sock.  combine that with the constant rain and muck and my foot was crusty and ice-cold.  so i dodged into a sports store and bought some vision street wears.  connor would be proud.  fast forward one day, and our first spot in bristol was a pretty fast hill; we ended up camping there all day and filming a bunch of lines there.  and by the end of the session, my brand-new shoes were worn down to the sock again from speed-checking while filming down the hill.

it's raining again today.  who could have guessed.

the bristol premiere is tomorrow; anyone here should come out!  manchester on thursday, then back to london.


In London

To! I've been in the uk with the Frenchmen and co. We're in London right now for the world premiere of soleil levant, the new magenta video. Everything you've heard about London is true; it rains all the time, fashion is weird, people say fish and chips. We're pulling long nights and skating when the weather allows. Jimmy's worn a pair of snow camos the whole trip. We're in the uk for two more weeks, then back to NYC in time for a few SF mandible friends to arrive. See you soon.

43 Mag Release Party NYC

43 43 magazine issue 003 Release party is tomorrow night Tues apr 9 from 7-11pm at { temp } 57 walker st. b/t church & broadway.


skateboarding media has reached such a point of over-saturation that i have stopped even trying to stay up on what comes out.  i've given up.  i've gone without seeing many of the recent "big videos" in skateboarding, and don't particularly want to catch up.  for the most part, you come to know what to expect in a company's video.  i've seen that skater's parts before.  i've heard the songs.

however, independent videos have more of a tendency to surprise.  you don't know what to expect when you've never heard of a skater before.  a lot of the time, you've never even seen skateboarding in that part of the world before.  when there's no one in the editing room but the guy who also filmed everything, with no standards or deadlines, some of the best ideas happen.  pete s's BRONZE videos, or the new sabotage video.

but anyway.  alex rose, one of the guys behind the tennskate video, sent me a copy of "videophile."  its soundtrack is pretty much only instrumental beats, and it covers a lot of ground in tennessee and the rest of the US.  all vx1000.  there's a lot of rail and stair stuff, yeah, but it's balanced by some different approaches.  james coleman has a little section, so does jimmy.

it's worth the buy. for more info.

43 magazine Issue 003 Release LA

If you're in the LA area, be sure to check out the 43 issue 003 release Mar 26 – Apr 1. The Opening reception is Tuesday, March 26, 8 p.m. til late.

Koki's now infamous photo plus a lot of others from our subway adventures will be in the mag.

Big Boat


I’ve been waiting to share this till 43 Magazine released its third issue which includes an epic photo taken by Allen Ying shortly after these were taken. But I guess a few issues showed up at skate shops all ready and the photo is making the rounds.

We waited till about 5am to get this trick but it was worth it. I wasn’t sure Koki was going to do it when we went down, but after a few run ups he landed it first try. Look for the footage soon from the Claw and the photo in the 3rd issue of 43.

PANIC IN GOTHAM vimeo link

For the EURO homies who can't watch MAGENTA'S PANIC IN GOTHAM on youtube, here is a link on vimeo


it was amazing working on this with all the guys.  hope you enjoy it.  i'm about to step out the door to head to the airport right now.  see you soon.

au revoir

so i'm dipping tomorrow to france.  my new job turned out to be more of a waiting game, not getting any work; might as well waste my time in bordeaux with fine wine and baguettes.  (yes, those are the only things i know about france.)  i'm flying over to work on some magenta stuff with the boys, and from there i'm hopping over to spain for a while for further pleasures.  i'll be back next month.

in semi-related news, my magenta NYC edit is coming out in the morning.  i'm sure you all saw the static IV teaser, so no need to post that.  we all know how good it's going to be.  only thing to note is that my video should be coming out in a similar time-frame, most likely to my own detriment.  fuck it, i just want to get it out there.

au revoir.