Turning japanese

I can't add photos from my phone on here so you'll have to use your imaginations. Imagine times square, but empty of people. Imagine buying raw octopus at the bodega for a light snack. Skatin for 20 hours straight, street beers at every spot. basically Tokyo is the shit. The spots... You can't even concentrate on a spot because twenty feet away is an even better one.

Our first night we met up with some dudes as soon as we got off the airport train. This was about one in the morning. Kenji made the long trip from his hometown to skate. We pushed around until six or so. At one point a drunken yakuza underling tried to start a fight with us, punching and kicking everyone, just being annoying. The cops showed up, and then he hit one of them and choked him. We thought, oh shit here it comes.... And the cops did nothing. They didn't even arrest him or even grab him when he stomped on a police bicycle. Weird. But reassuring to us that cops won't toss us behind bars for skating.

So we got to the homie Yama's place, slept from 7 to 9, couldn't stay still any longer, and went exploring. At noon we went to a fat bros party, went to another party from there, then skated until 5:30 am. Got to skate with all the new York friends: Izumi, ichiro, yuzo, kenji, lens giro. Tonight we stayed at satoshi's place. OG open skateboards affiliate. Just getting going now.

Otsu Kare sama des!

Edit: I got your back. Photos By Izumi Hoshino

Japan Japan

New OPEN Boards

New OPEN deck modeled after Colin's infamous VX 1000. Should be ready to buy with in a month. Big thanks to Trevor for making this and the Promo possible.

Open Board

Open Skatebaord