SF hill street hype

san francisco again.  once more i am forced to ask myself why i don't live here.  at a skate spot, a motorcycle was in the way, and i went to the front door, knocked, and asked the gangster-looking dudes inside if i could roll it back.  one of them came out, moved it for us, shook my hand, and went back inside.  note, this was that person's house we were skating.  however, things are kind of weird too sometimes.  yesterday i ate a vegan burrito and was served by a decrepit old woman in a toga.

i've been skating with carlos young, evan kinori, and mr. sleeping horse, john lindsay.  connor blasted over here for a day, stacked some clips, bombed some hills, and dipped again.

in other news, a new MCVX is up.  i like this one.