mikey taylor is not amused

remember sal masakela of the x-games?  to refresh your memory:

well, apparently now he has a show on yahoo.com, where he talks with pro skaters about his favorite clips, versus theirs.  it was brought to my attention that he headed off against mikey taylor, and the clips sal picked was this one.

there are some quotes in this video.  ultimately, mikey taylor is pretty bummed on the clip.  careful about parking your mercedes in NYC, mikey.

but the best things are in the comments:

"I guarantee I will have the same amount of reckless destruction as I'm ripping you apart with my bare hands."

"Would have shot him."

"if i caught one of these jerk offs doin that to my car i would make damn sure they were never ever able to walk again let alone skate. 
they don't give a #$%$ about my car and i don't give a #$%$ about them being able to eat solid food ...ever"

"Had that been my car...sombody would have been spitting their teeth."