boston etc

i'm still slinging it.  (slangin it.)  but i'm trying to keep the stack strong; i'm filming switch.  that means all clips are twice as cool.  

in another example of when keeping it real goes wrong, barlow has once again abandoned new york city.  he fled to the back woods of pennsylvania, where he's currently wallowing in muck and teaching fourth-graders to heelflip.  hopefully he makes it back after his three-week woodward counselorship ends, because we've got a part to film.

i took a last-minute trip last week to boston with the iron claw crew.  it's an amazing city, cool dudes who roll deep, crusty spots.  kevin coakley was a great tour guide.  we have to make another trip before long.  the best part of the trip was the 100-degree night--20 gods at the spot, all shirtless, drinking tall-boys, watching a mile-long back noseblunt.  that, or watching good will hunting, IN BOSTON. 

other news: piro now skates for SAMURAI, billy's brain-child; hopefully we see some boards in the near future.  matt is bailing for LA.  fogt is here for good.  and i need a new VX.