yuzo kudo in the mandible hotel

tonight while we were at enid's i got a text from john lindsay, SF homie, if i knew a place where his friend from japan could stay when he got to new york.  i said he can crash here, no problem, assuming he meant that his friend would coming in the coming days, weeks, etc.  thirty seconds later, i get a call from a very confused and lost japanese fellow--who's already landed in new york.  it's one thing to talk to someone in person who speaks another language--you can get by with the help of body language, context clues, etc--but on the phone, it's mayhem.  i called connor, looking for help, but he didn't pick up.  i eventually told yuzo (what i eventually learned his name was) to just show up at the bedford stop, and i'd find him.  so we left enid's and hoped he had understood.  but an hour later, still no sign of him.  we patrolled the blocks, looking for him.  finally, we see a japanese dude with a stack of boards.  "YUZO!"

we came to find out he's a cool motherfucker.  also, he rips, as can be seen in his clips in the above video.  he bought us beer and gave us all copies of "color communications," a sick new video from japan.  gonna skate all day tomorrow...but tomorrow night, kennedy, bill pierce and i are headed to chicago for the week.  yuzo's gonna hold down my spot til i get back.

one more japanese connection.  can't wait for japan.