one in a mandible, part 4

if anyone's wondering: simoni won in my book.

mr. town is in town

matt town is here til friday.  so far he's been rained out, but he's passing the time well: getting wasted with the boys at "le basket," attending hobo-concerts, almost getting into fights, gallivanting.  hopefully we get some sun tomorrow, especially since it's alex conn's last day in new york.

i made good use of the rain today; i finished my grad thesis, finished the final "one in a mandible," drank a couple beers, and took a no-wipe poop.  what else do you need?

actually, it wasn't as easy as that.  after i finished my thesis, i started working on the SLAP edit, and then my computer started freaking out.  programs kept failing, things wouldn't open.  i tried restarting, no help.  i frantically backed up my thesis and all the footage, then borrowed jake's computer and finished the edit on it.  i'm afraid that my trusty 2005 macbook is finally becoming senile.  poor old girl.

OiaMandible part 4 should be up tomorrow.  someone buy me a new computer.