we been stackin

in the midst of working on finishing my grad thesis, and zach graduating from film school, we've been on it.  conn's been attacking shit like a madman, making the most out of his short time here--he leaves on thursday.  kennedy's been stringing together some long, winding lines, and zach's trying to stack as much as he can too--he leaves with conn, for the rest of the summer.  even i got a clip today.

speaking of which, a minor crisis: today i ripped my pants a little, on the crotch.  no big deal.  but in a freak coincidence, i also ripped my boxers today, resulting in my junk pretty much hanging out all day. johan used to do a thing where he'd go, "aw shit, i sat in gum, and you'd look at the gum stuck to his pants, until you realized it was actually his sack pulled out through a hole in his pants.  so, something like that.

it's time for a shift change soon: conn and zach out, piro, matt, and barlow in.  piro sent jake a text yesterday: "you have 16 more days of freedom until i bring the terror."