Rock Or Roll

This is a ROCK DUNE, much like a sand dune except made of solid rock, which can be found in the Chalbi desert of Northen Kenya. The fact that this is made of rock actually immediately excited me, because it allows the possibility for it to be skated. I started to imagine myself or someone else hauling a board out to this place, then hauling their ass off to pull off a measly kickflip to fakie on this. But its not just a far-off dream. I'm actually heading to this area in a couple weeks. In fact, I'll be 4x4-ing through this exact desert. Maybe I'll decide to bring my board out there with me. More realistically though, I sent a message to the only skate shop in Nairboi, Kenya (in all of Kenya, for that matter) and I hope I'll be able to get an interview and some footage with some of those dudes as to what it's like to be skateboarders in a place where skateboarding barely exists.

Anyway, the main reason why I posted this picture on this is blog is to say that; 1) I'm going away to this god-forsaken land for 3 months (for undisclosed reasons) and 2) to reinforce the fact that, as skateboarders, I know we're pretty good at finding inspiration in just about anywhere, including the middle of fucking nowhere. Now go outside and do something rad. See you when I get back.

-Vince, Head of Mandible Claw International Affairs