....and leo

leo informed me that i left him out of the last post, so here's the make-up.  i think the only reason i learned to skate hills well last time i was in SF is because i had to chase leo down those mothers.

leo, john and i had a prophetic day a few days ago.  as we were skating one spot, which was next to a giant cardboard rockstar energy poster, leo said (in a mock phelps voice), "thrasherrrr, SOTYYY!"  and then we hear someeone heckling us, and it's phelps in his car.  "you guys shooting the next rockstar ad?"

the second thing: we were talking about a gonz sighting, and that i was wearing a gonz shirt, and mid-conversation we stop at an intersection; john points out a giant cardboard gonz shmoo in someone's window across the street.

and later, leo recalled how his first-ever ad was shot while wearing a peruvian beanie.  mid-sentence, we see a bum walking down the street in a peruvian beanie.  we immediately began talking about how much we all wanted a million dollars.  alas, our propecies were at their end....until today, on the flight home.  yesterday john was telling me about a scene from the movie, the zookeeper, and i told him how every time i saw the actor's stupid face i get angry; and guess what the movie on the long flight home was?

some leo stills.  crab-style:

photos (phone) from the trip coming soon.