resume blogging

i've been off it for a while.  a few reasons: haven't been skating, have been annoyed with the internet, have been tired of jake not finishing the actual website so we can do some cool stuff.  i have now resigned myself to the fact that it's a pipe dream; blog resumed.

my leg has healed enough to film again, so we've been back on it for about two weeks.  barlow came, decided he wanted to stay, quit his job in florida, found a job here...and the next day he quit that one, gave up, and went left.  he dodged down to virginia, and was promptly almost hit by a crashing f-18 jet.  quitters never win, barlow!  he'll be back in june, though, to team up with kennedy and matt and get shit handled.

i've been skating with bill pierce a lot, trying to finish his part up for the roger video.  we've been getting some sick stuff--manny maniac.

some recent stills, of barlow, connor, and bill:

reinforcing my plan to go to japan later this year, we've been skating with izumi hoshino, who has been taking some great photos.  i'm sure he's saving the best ones--i've seen them on the camera, and they're supa cool.  check out his photos here:

if all works as planned, i'm going back to san francisco next week, to skate with leo and co and have a meeting about a project we're cooking up at SLAP.  stay tuned.