Site Cleaning

Did a bit of cleaning in the "videos" section of the site. Now you can click on a category (like the image below) and it will take you to a channel on youtube or vimeo where all the edits pertaining to that category exist. Hopefully this is an easier way to see old edits until we create a better site... don't ask when that will be.

The Skateboard Mag Feature

The Skateboard Mag showed the blog and more importantly The Phonetage some love in their latest issue. It was nice to see the blog in print, hopefully it drives some more traffic to the Blog Phonetage.

I was too lazy to rewrite the entire article so take a look here if you want to read.


in florida for the holidays.  swimming with manatees.  a point of interest: leo and masaki did not know that manatees were real, they thought they were a mythical creature.  they shit bricks when we showed them videos.

but anyway, as nice as it is to lounge in hammocks and wear t-shirts, i'll be back in NYC within the week; we've got filming to do.  also, i'm startnig a new job in a couple weeks, so i've got to brush up on my DSLR game (oh no!  mandible claw filming HD?  don't worry, it's not skating.)  to help me finish up my full-length, connor, eby, allen ying, and couple other hoodlums have been coming out with me on secret missions late at night and into uncharted territory.  the video should be be coming out within the coming months.

i filmed a lot of "trill" bill pierce's new online part for roger skateboards.  bill's killing it working on films and doing some rad sound work.  the part's edited by pete sidlauskas, the mastermind behind BRONZE.  so after watching this, do yourself a favor and watch the bronze video again.

Starring Bill Pierce As Trill Bill from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

i finished editing the full magenta NYC video--you should be seeing it fairly soon.  catch this vibe:

ho ho ho.

VHS MAG - yuzo and friends in NYC

this video of yuzo and co is pretty amazing.  it's packed with homies: nabi, connor, MATT MACMILLEN, even john lindsay has a line!  filmed and edited by yoji, the mastermind behind color communications, during his and yuzo's trip to NYC earlier this year.

Open Board

Finally got around to taking some pictures of the deck I designed for OPEN skateboards. You can purchase one for your self right here. Also we made Complex Magazines top 50 Sick Skate Decks We Want Right Now list.