long time no see / magenta

sorry for the delay.  the magenta team came into town to work on a project, and i've been busy with that for the past few weeks.  i had the pleasure of skating and chilling with this crazy motherfucker right here:

masaki--and leo--spoke in mainly slang and curse words for their stay, ducked into every pizza place for a slice, and learned the joys of 40s and tall cans.  check leo's blog on the VHS Mag site for some stories and great photos. 

connor gave leo a farewell package before his return to france: magnums, a du-rag, old english, and other assorted hood accessories.

they've left, leaving NYC grey and chilled.  my full-length is coming to its end, so were trying to get the last few things we need to get.  stay tuned.

Japan Photos

Some lifestyles from Japan. Photos by Marc Haan and others.

back in the USSR

we're back.  in tow, we brought the magenta team, of which various members are staying for 5 days to 2 weeks.  tonight is the premiere is hill street blues 2, at labor skate shop:

see you there.