kennedy strikes back!

kannedy cantrell is back in NYC and already ripping.  he had a rough first few days--his second night here, he and his friend were jumped at the train station.  they got beaten up and their boards were stolen.  but as kennedy says: "i knew new york was supposed to be rough, so i was kind of ready for something like that to happen."

he's been crashing on my floor for a few nights.  it's actually sort of frustrating how nice and generous he is; he won't accept my hospitality.  we make him dinner: "ah, naw, i'm fine," even though he hasn't eaten since breakfast.  i offer him a change of clothes: "naw, i'll be all right in these again."  take our stuff!

once he pieced together a new board, we hit the streets.

in semi-related news, the next one in a mandible is up, on the ride channel this time.  peep game.