scum co

scum co is a board company that's hooking up brian downey, max van arnem, and a bunch of other radical dudes.  brian has the ender (which i filmed) in this dope little team video.  (and ben k shot the above photo too.)  buy scum co, support small skate brands!

only built for fogt's lynx

fogt informed me that i don't have a link to his art website in the links, so this is now informing you, loyal pawns, that you can easily access alex fogt's weird shit in the links section.  skate art, naked ghosts, plagiarism of ben k's photos, etc etc.


first off, barlow and fogt are back in town.  but more importantly, following the quartersnacks trending, we've been pretty up on the 2 chainz tip.  anyway, today some random dude messaged me on facebook and asked me to check out his videos.  i actually watched one and it was pretty dope...and he does a line where he ollies over 2 chainz.  peep game.  some dudes in columbus ohio.


three or four days ago, bill pierce texted me: "chicago on sunday."  why not?  kennedy, jonathan lopez and i packed into bill's new car and drove all night, taking shifts driving, to the windy city.  i've asked everyone here if they know nic nootens, and a lot of people said no--we're skating with people who've moved here in the past 4 years.  but one guy, G-Money, one of the guys who made the Chity video, said, "Nic is OG!"

some stills so far:

yuzo kudo in the mandible hotel

tonight while we were at enid's i got a text from john lindsay, SF homie, if i knew a place where his friend from japan could stay when he got to new york.  i said he can crash here, no problem, assuming he meant that his friend would coming in the coming days, weeks, etc.  thirty seconds later, i get a call from a very confused and lost japanese fellow--who's already landed in new york.  it's one thing to talk to someone in person who speaks another language--you can get by with the help of body language, context clues, etc--but on the phone, it's mayhem.  i called connor, looking for help, but he didn't pick up.  i eventually told yuzo (what i eventually learned his name was) to just show up at the bedford stop, and i'd find him.  so we left enid's and hoped he had understood.  but an hour later, still no sign of him.  we patrolled the blocks, looking for him.  finally, we see a japanese dude with a stack of boards.  "YUZO!"

we came to find out he's a cool motherfucker.  also, he rips, as can be seen in his clips in the above video.  he bought us beer and gave us all copies of "color communications," a sick new video from japan.  gonna skate all day tomorrow...but tomorrow night, kennedy, bill pierce and i are headed to chicago for the week.  yuzo's gonna hold down my spot til i get back.

one more japanese connection.  can't wait for japan.


You know what it is.....

one in a mandible, part 4

if anyone's wondering: simoni won in my book.

mr. town is in town

matt town is here til friday.  so far he's been rained out, but he's passing the time well: getting wasted with the boys at "le basket," attending hobo-concerts, almost getting into fights, gallivanting.  hopefully we get some sun tomorrow, especially since it's alex conn's last day in new york.

i made good use of the rain today; i finished my grad thesis, finished the final "one in a mandible," drank a couple beers, and took a no-wipe poop.  what else do you need?

actually, it wasn't as easy as that.  after i finished my thesis, i started working on the SLAP edit, and then my computer started freaking out.  programs kept failing, things wouldn't open.  i tried restarting, no help.  i frantically backed up my thesis and all the footage, then borrowed jake's computer and finished the edit on it.  i'm afraid that my trusty 2005 macbook is finally becoming senile.  poor old girl.

OiaMandible part 4 should be up tomorrow.  someone buy me a new computer.

we been stackin

in the midst of working on finishing my grad thesis, and zach graduating from film school, we've been on it.  conn's been attacking shit like a madman, making the most out of his short time here--he leaves on thursday.  kennedy's been stringing together some long, winding lines, and zach's trying to stack as much as he can too--he leaves with conn, for the rest of the summer.  even i got a clip today.

speaking of which, a minor crisis: today i ripped my pants a little, on the crotch.  no big deal.  but in a freak coincidence, i also ripped my boxers today, resulting in my junk pretty much hanging out all day. johan used to do a thing where he'd go, "aw shit, i sat in gum, and you'd look at the gum stuck to his pants, until you realized it was actually his sack pulled out through a hole in his pants.  so, something like that.

it's time for a shift change soon: conn and zach out, piro, matt, and barlow in.  piro sent jake a text yesterday: "you have 16 more days of freedom until i bring the terror."

Rock Or Roll

This is a ROCK DUNE, much like a sand dune except made of solid rock, which can be found in the Chalbi desert of Northen Kenya. The fact that this is made of rock actually immediately excited me, because it allows the possibility for it to be skated. I started to imagine myself or someone else hauling a board out to this place, then hauling their ass off to pull off a measly kickflip to fakie on this. But its not just a far-off dream. I'm actually heading to this area in a couple weeks. In fact, I'll be 4x4-ing through this exact desert. Maybe I'll decide to bring my board out there with me. More realistically though, I sent a message to the only skate shop in Nairboi, Kenya (in all of Kenya, for that matter) and I hope I'll be able to get an interview and some footage with some of those dudes as to what it's like to be skateboarders in a place where skateboarding barely exists.

Anyway, the main reason why I posted this picture on this is blog is to say that; 1) I'm going away to this god-forsaken land for 3 months (for undisclosed reasons) and 2) to reinforce the fact that, as skateboarders, I know we're pretty good at finding inspiration in just about anywhere, including the middle of fucking nowhere. Now go outside and do something rad. See you when I get back.

-Vince, Head of Mandible Claw International Affairs

the hazards of filming

zach moore clocked me a good one tonight.  we kept filming, and then later some dude tried to steal my camera and knee me in the balls.  THEN, cops came--for that dude, who had started a fight in a bar--and since he had left, gave some of our crew tickets for skating.  gotta fill those quotas.

It's not a lie... it's speculation

Lurker Lou, Shawn Bowlus, and I are all gonna have full parts in the next Mandible Claw video.

jenkem OIAM interviews part 1 & 2

got interviewed by the raddest online zine right now again, this time about OIAM.  alex klein was also interviewed, and another with the kids is supposed to go up tomorrow.


EDIT: the KIDS' interview is now up.

kennedy strikes back!

kannedy cantrell is back in NYC and already ripping.  he had a rough first few days--his second night here, he and his friend were jumped at the train station.  they got beaten up and their boards were stolen.  but as kennedy says: "i knew new york was supposed to be rough, so i was kind of ready for something like that to happen."

he's been crashing on my floor for a few nights.  it's actually sort of frustrating how nice and generous he is; he won't accept my hospitality.  we make him dinner: "ah, naw, i'm fine," even though he hasn't eaten since breakfast.  i offer him a change of clothes: "naw, i'll be all right in these again."  take our stuff!

once he pieced together a new board, we hit the streets.

in semi-related news, the next one in a mandible is up, on the ride channel this time.  peep game.