One in a Mandible - Part 1

My original youtube description was:

"No challenges, no acting, no bullshit."

The powers that be have changed it, but those facts remain.  Skate your face off.  Part 2 next week.

one in a mandible teaser

we all know how much of a clusterfuck OIAM was this years.  i'm going to try to redeem it a little bit by making my own edits.  just skating, no bullshit.  the first one goes up tomorrow.  here's the teaser.

the trend of current affairs

matt militano came into the city yesterday with the intent of skating here through the weekend.  we went out today, he got zero tricks on film--but a filmer friend, cooper, got a sick clip instead.  i split off to give a fiction reading (fancy me), expecting to come home to matt at my house, and instead he calls me and says he gave up and left town.  remind you of anyone?  (barlow!)

we've been night prowling, working on my next project.  stay tuned.

....and leo

leo informed me that i left him out of the last post, so here's the make-up.  i think the only reason i learned to skate hills well last time i was in SF is because i had to chase leo down those mothers.

leo, john and i had a prophetic day a few days ago.  as we were skating one spot, which was next to a giant cardboard rockstar energy poster, leo said (in a mock phelps voice), "thrasherrrr, SOTYYY!"  and then we hear someeone heckling us, and it's phelps in his car.  "you guys shooting the next rockstar ad?"

the second thing: we were talking about a gonz sighting, and that i was wearing a gonz shirt, and mid-conversation we stop at an intersection; john points out a giant cardboard gonz shmoo in someone's window across the street.

and later, leo recalled how his first-ever ad was shot while wearing a peruvian beanie.  mid-sentence, we see a bum walking down the street in a peruvian beanie.  we immediately began talking about how much we all wanted a million dollars.  alas, our propecies were at their end....until today, on the flight home.  yesterday john was telling me about a scene from the movie, the zookeeper, and i told him how every time i saw the actor's stupid face i get angry; and guess what the movie on the long flight home was?

some leo stills.  crab-style:

photos (phone) from the trip coming soon.

SF take 2, part 2

it's last day of the trip.  at one point or the other, i've gotten to skate and film with all the homies: ben gore, brian downey, evan kinori, john lindsay, and IAN ROSENBERG (!!!).  ken, a new japanese crewman, and mike lem, who today started his to skated for the first time after a year of injury.  my camera has been hit maybe 15 times over the last 5 days; one point, a hit fucked something internal up, making the colors all funny, and then another hit fixed it completely.  the wiggly photo at night down there is from the fixing hit.  the still of the broken ground is from the landing of a gap; each time brian landed, the ground would explode.

some stills:

Deep stuff...

Well said Fogt, awesome edit Speedball.

SF take 2, part 1

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday.  It didn't.  I bombed hills all morning, then got up with Leo, Ian, and J Henry and skated for 8 hours, pushing all over the city.  Leo ended up with two rad lines, wearing a Minuit hoodie--during the day--and at night, a shirt i have to get my hands on.  If the sunshine holds out today, I'm meeting up with Carlos Young at 5 to keep the shred going.

Alex made the news

Alex Fogt was in the news, which I found to be funny.... LINK 

resume blogging

i've been off it for a while.  a few reasons: haven't been skating, have been annoyed with the internet, have been tired of jake not finishing the actual website so we can do some cool stuff.  i have now resigned myself to the fact that it's a pipe dream; blog resumed.

my leg has healed enough to film again, so we've been back on it for about two weeks.  barlow came, decided he wanted to stay, quit his job in florida, found a job here...and the next day he quit that one, gave up, and went left.  he dodged down to virginia, and was promptly almost hit by a crashing f-18 jet.  quitters never win, barlow!  he'll be back in june, though, to team up with kennedy and matt and get shit handled.

i've been skating with bill pierce a lot, trying to finish his part up for the roger video.  we've been getting some sick stuff--manny maniac.

some recent stills, of barlow, connor, and bill:

reinforcing my plan to go to japan later this year, we've been skating with izumi hoshino, who has been taking some great photos.  i'm sure he's saving the best ones--i've seen them on the camera, and they're supa cool.  check out his photos here:

if all works as planned, i'm going back to san francisco next week, to skate with leo and co and have a meeting about a project we're cooking up at SLAP.  stay tuned.


New York city is the "real life internet":