shin splint blues

i've been out of the game for a minute.  the be exact, i haven't skated or really filmed anything in a month.  when i was in SF, i got a gnarly shin splint, and it still hasn't gone away.  i went to the doctor today, where an x-ray came up clean; it's a muscular/fascia problem.  got prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills, said i should hopefully be good in 2 weeks.  cross your fingers; we got work to do, boy.

recent stuff you've probably already seen:

from the mind of alex fogt:

billy in his element (get it?):

ryan barlow is coming back to the city in a week to work on his part.  with another few months to film, it's looking to be pretty fucking gnarly.  a few days ago, i told him about an over-waist-high flat rail that is maybe possible, and he got hyped.  what kind of water are he and jimmy drinking down there?

coming up soon after barlow is brandon damron, and on april 15th, kennedy cantrell is coming too.  now we just need to get piro back.  TOO HOOD FOR TAMPA