Ladies and gentlemen, Piro Sierra

We worked hard on this one.  If you consider freestyling over Gucci and drinking 40s every night hard work.  Piro, get your ass back to NYC soon.

kenji nakahira

i can't wait to get to japan to skate more with this dude.  ollie through the scaffolding.

SF Days

Highlights of the SF trip: Angel eating shit every two minutes and rolling down hills, street rapping, Vincent's general swagger, and hill bombs.  All are in my second SF SLAP clip below.

We spent the weekend in Fogt's studio, doing secretive, colorful things.  You'll see the documentation soon enough.  We hit FDR on the way back to New York, where Fogt and I battled the circle bowl and came away bruised.

I know your favorite things about this blog are Vince's sporadic posts and videos, but he's assured me more are coming soon and often.  Meow.

tantalizing tid-bitz

So I don't mean to clutter the blog, or distract from the recent Mandible Material, but... check this out
Polar, a new Swedish Skate Brand, posted this promo yesterday. Although I don't really understand the umbrella or some of the added edits, it doesn't really matter because the first minute or two of Pontus Alv shredding his own D.I.Y. drag-strip is the "you know what I mean?" to why I posted this here:

vincent touzery

I headed out to SF to skate with Leo Valls, but ended up skating more with another Frenchman, Vincent.  He's a Bloby--a crew of Parisians who've invented their own pidgin language (mostly used to talk about women, weed, and beer).  Vincent fucking rules--he's ripping in the SF night skating clip--and his part in the new Bloby video rules.  If you can find it, pick up the Bloby video somewhere.


In light of the recent upsurge of devout followers of the Mandible Claw way, the "Church of Claw" has established itself and is ready for all followers to begin sending donations in order to jump-start the Church's projects, missions, and expansion. Donations can be made through Pay-Pal, purchases of MC products, through the HOT TOWN blog, or by setting up a cash transaction appointment (NYC and Stuart, Florida only please).
In addition, according to Father Ireland: "Whoever gets the first Mandible Tattoo gets any item we ever produce (videos, shirts, etc) for free. It wouldn't be too bad, it's just a lobster claw."

Amen, Father... Amen.

Mandible Claw: SF Nights

It's been a while since you've seen a video titled "Mandible Claw," I know.  But I'm trying to bring it home.  This is the first part of a new Mandible series, starting in SF--it shows a lot of our night skating and lurking.  It's good to be back.  Part 2 next week.

the j henry special

filmed a line with the international playboy today.  in the past week he's been in florida, the bahamas, new york city, and SF.  plus he can back tail with the illness.

Ben's San Francisco Shots

Ben's posted some photos of the recent trip Colin and company took to San Francisco. Check out his post for some seriously amazing shots.

no fair...

... he has a lower center of gravity and long arms with which he can push with:

hills, coffees, and sore calves

we've been rolling with a sick crew.  some of the recurring faces: ben gore, brian downey, leo valls, evan kinori, kennedy cantrell, and alex conn.  some shredding:

in true pinch hitter fashion, connor kammerer flew in on monday night, got a few sick clips, then flew out wednesday morning.  rounding out the daily sessions is angel cardenas, who took the train here from LA.  if you don't know who angel is, get ready to have your mind blown.

3 days left.  see you soon.


So, check it out. Gus van Sant decided that he'd use skateboarding to illustrate his point that those children in the "industrialized/developed/rich/western" world are so spoiled that they can spend all day riding around on wheely boards, while others in less fortunate countries suffer according to the statistics and facts that appear frequently throughout the clip. And for this reason, I hate him... because he's right, in a way.

But, one thing that didn't work in his favor is that the skateboarding (and its filming) is actually good. Therefore, I was able to watch the whole clip and ignore the fact that while I'm out skateboarding and dicking around with friends, other people my age are struggling to survive. "No, Gus van Sant, I am not ashamed of being a skateboarder":

san francisco: the adventure begins

hot off the plane, i met up with leo valls, ben gore, and brian downey and skated some flat for a while.  leo led us to a fun spot overlooking the "full house" house:

ben arrives at around 3.  so many floridians--but we were about to get one more.  about half an hour later, somebody in neon shoes bombs down the hill at us...and it's eby.

that night, we met up with kennedy and alex from OIAM and naysayer's vincent, and the little homies got down.  after that we got some home-cooked BBQ.  SF's looking good so far.