"Night is a world lit by itself." ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943.

Shredding the night city streets with Piro Sierra, Leo Gutman, Quim Cardona, Leo Heinert, Matt Militano, Ryan Barlow, and Connor Kammerer.  My personal favorite NY clip of mine yet.  Some real dope shit in this one.

everyone is embarrassing at 16

i dug this out of the crates today: a time capsule from 7-8 years ago.  this is me at 16 years old: some suspect-looking pants, es accels, castro hats and a lot of bigspins.  this was all filmed by charlie page, whose VX1000 i learned to film with, and who has now quit skating, grown a goatee, and become a stockbroker.

Mandible Ale

A big thanks to our friend Rob Hilker from Austin for sending us these awesome home brewed Mandible Claw Beers.

quimtime running the show

quim set up an art/skate/music festival.  should be a good time.  though i feel like it would be easier to catch a flight from LGA to newark than take the PATH train to jersey.

the death of 12&A

maybe next time, kids will find the energy to walk a block away to smoke weed.  ruined it for everyone.


it's been a long, confusing road.  i've been completely out of the loop since the filming ended, have heard it was cancelled, have heard I was slated to edit it, have heard it was out "next month" every month.  well, here it is, on the"ride channel??"

once the episodes premiere, i'm airing my own version.  the dirty version.

i'll be back in new york on friday.  let's shred!


matty town stepped off the subway straight from the plane, and the first thing he saw was the frontside flip.
fletcher, caio, and solomon.  some cool-ass dudes.  come back to new york anytime.