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Did a bit of cleaning in the "videos" section of the site. Now you can click on a category (like the image below) and it will take you to a channel on youtube or vimeo where all the edits pertaining to that category exist. Hopefully this is an easier way to see old edits until we create a better site... don't ask when that will be.

The Skateboard Mag Feature

The Skateboard Mag showed the blog and more importantly The Phonetage some love in their latest issue. It was nice to see the blog in print, hopefully it drives some more traffic to the Blog Phonetage.

I was too lazy to rewrite the entire article so take a look here if you want to read.


in florida for the holidays.  swimming with manatees.  a point of interest: leo and masaki did not know that manatees were real, they thought they were a mythical creature.  they shit bricks when we showed them videos.

but anyway, as nice as it is to lounge in hammocks and wear t-shirts, i'll be back in NYC within the week; we've got filming to do.  also, i'm startnig a new job in a couple weeks, so i've got to brush up on my DSLR game (oh no!  mandible claw filming HD?  don't worry, it's not skating.)  to help me finish up my full-length, connor, eby, allen ying, and couple other hoodlums have been coming out with me on secret missions late at night and into uncharted territory.  the video should be be coming out within the coming months.

i filmed a lot of "trill" bill pierce's new online part for roger skateboards.  bill's killing it working on films and doing some rad sound work.  the part's edited by pete sidlauskas, the mastermind behind BRONZE.  so after watching this, do yourself a favor and watch the bronze video again.

Starring Bill Pierce As Trill Bill from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

i finished editing the full magenta NYC video--you should be seeing it fairly soon.  catch this vibe:

ho ho ho.

VHS MAG - yuzo and friends in NYC

this video of yuzo and co is pretty amazing.  it's packed with homies: nabi, connor, MATT MACMILLEN, even john lindsay has a line!  filmed and edited by yoji, the mastermind behind color communications, during his and yuzo's trip to NYC earlier this year.

Open Board

Finally got around to taking some pictures of the deck I designed for OPEN skateboards. You can purchase one for your self right here. Also we made Complex Magazines top 50 Sick Skate Decks We Want Right Now list.

long time no see / magenta

sorry for the delay.  the magenta team came into town to work on a project, and i've been busy with that for the past few weeks.  i had the pleasure of skating and chilling with this crazy motherfucker right here:

masaki--and leo--spoke in mainly slang and curse words for their stay, ducked into every pizza place for a slice, and learned the joys of 40s and tall cans.  check leo's blog on the VHS Mag site for some stories and great photos. 

connor gave leo a farewell package before his return to france: magnums, a du-rag, old english, and other assorted hood accessories.

they've left, leaving NYC grey and chilled.  my full-length is coming to its end, so were trying to get the last few things we need to get.  stay tuned.

Japan Photos

Some lifestyles from Japan. Photos by Marc Haan and others.

back in the USSR

we're back.  in tow, we brought the magenta team, of which various members are staying for 5 days to 2 weeks.  tonight is the premiere is hill street blues 2, at labor skate shop:

see you there.

change of plans

we didnt go to osaka after all, decided it would be too tight of timing to make it there and back on tuesday night for our flights.  stayed in kokobunji and skated all night for 3 nights straight, and when i mean skating i mean having our skateboards with us as everyone rampaged in shibuya for halloween. karaoke bars, techno clubs, street sake until 7 AM.  despite all this, or because of it, weve stacked a fair amount.  after a rainy night last night, we ended up now in machida, the town where connor lived for a while, near our friend izumi.

and so we have recently learned about hurricane sandy.  apparently we wont be home for a while.  in the meantime, were going to take advantage of it.  good luck back home everyone.  see you...some day.


Been exploring diff parts of Tokyo. Shibuya is busiest intersection in the world of foot traffic. Every time the walk light goes on a thousand people cross the street. Went to a huge temple, giant statue guardian dieties. Put five yen coins in this thing for good luck. Don Quixote is a crazy Japanese Walmart type store, got green tea flavored kit kats. Eating lots of amazing food. Udon noodles are great. Really thick and rubbery.  The technology here is insane. Soooo far ahead. We are in the stone age. 

Went to guma last night, here for a day. Mountains and country. Hometown of ichiro kaneda, AKA mr buri buri. Osaka on Sunday. 

Jane matane

Turning japanese

I can't add photos from my phone on here so you'll have to use your imaginations. Imagine times square, but empty of people. Imagine buying raw octopus at the bodega for a light snack. Skatin for 20 hours straight, street beers at every spot. basically Tokyo is the shit. The spots... You can't even concentrate on a spot because twenty feet away is an even better one.

Our first night we met up with some dudes as soon as we got off the airport train. This was about one in the morning. Kenji made the long trip from his hometown to skate. We pushed around until six or so. At one point a drunken yakuza underling tried to start a fight with us, punching and kicking everyone, just being annoying. The cops showed up, and then he hit one of them and choked him. We thought, oh shit here it comes.... And the cops did nothing. They didn't even arrest him or even grab him when he stomped on a police bicycle. Weird. But reassuring to us that cops won't toss us behind bars for skating.

So we got to the homie Yama's place, slept from 7 to 9, couldn't stay still any longer, and went exploring. At noon we went to a fat bros party, went to another party from there, then skated until 5:30 am. Got to skate with all the new York friends: Izumi, ichiro, yuzo, kenji, lens giro. Tonight we stayed at satoshi's place. OG open skateboards affiliate. Just getting going now.

Otsu Kare sama des!

Edit: I got your back. Photos By Izumi Hoshino

Japan Japan

New OPEN Boards

New OPEN deck modeled after Colin's infamous VX 1000. Should be ready to buy with in a month. Big thanks to Trevor for making this and the Promo possible.

Open Board

Open Skatebaord

In Japan

In Tokyo with Connor and Barlow.  Left Friday afternoon, got here Saturday late at night.  Skated until 4 AM.  Best city ふぉrsかちんggfh\ういえyhさ

COLOR feature

COLORMagazine did a feature about OPEN, with an interview with Fogt, Connor, and I.  Check it out.

OPEN Skateboards

We put some hours into this one.  Connor Kammerer, Ryan Barlow, Alex Fogt, Evan Borja, Kenshiro Yagi, and Kenji Nakahira.

Go to for more.

ben's guest blog!

our boy is moving up in the world.  ben's moved to LA, gotten a tan, started wearing chains (two of them), and dyed his hair bleach-blond.  today he landed a guest blog spot on skateboarder mag's website.  it features a lot of his photos, about half of which are of claw affiliates.  check it out.

SF hill street hype

san francisco again.  once more i am forced to ask myself why i don't live here.  at a skate spot, a motorcycle was in the way, and i went to the front door, knocked, and asked the gangster-looking dudes inside if i could roll it back.  one of them came out, moved it for us, shook my hand, and went back inside.  note, this was that person's house we were skating.  however, things are kind of weird too sometimes.  yesterday i ate a vegan burrito and was served by a decrepit old woman in a toga.

i've been skating with carlos young, evan kinori, and mr. sleeping horse, john lindsay.  connor blasted over here for a day, stacked some clips, bombed some hills, and dipped again.

in other news, a new MCVX is up.  i like this one.

Phonetage 8

Got a little artsy on this one. Hail Satan.

MCVX 5-- NY Nights

there are a lot of comments about connor's front board.  the unanimous decree is that it's cool as fuck.  shine on, connor, you crazy diamond



I thought this would look nice here.

mcvx 4


birdman with the shout out.

got the official nod from the man upstairs.  check 1:10.

Phonetage 7

Its been a good summer so far.

Phonetage 7 from Jacob on Vimeo.

come on a take a tree ride

alex fogt.  you already know.

this damn thing is gonna kill me

video of nose break.  thanks, kevrick.


mikey taylor is not amused

remember sal masakela of the x-games?  to refresh your memory:

well, apparently now he has a show on, where he talks with pro skaters about his favorite clips, versus theirs.  it was brought to my attention that he headed off against mikey taylor, and the clips sal picked was this one.

there are some quotes in this video.  ultimately, mikey taylor is pretty bummed on the clip.  careful about parking your mercedes in NYC, mikey.

but the best things are in the comments:

"I guarantee I will have the same amount of reckless destruction as I'm ripping you apart with my bare hands."

"Would have shot him."

"if i caught one of these jerk offs doin that to my car i would make damn sure they were never ever able to walk again let alone skate. 
they don't give a #$%$ about my car and i don't give a #$%$ about them being able to eat solid food ...ever"

"Had that been my car...sombody would have been spitting their teeth."

catching up / breaking down

sorry for the lack of updates.  my computer died last month.  hard to blog without one of those.

so, first things first.  MCVX volume 2.  thanks to brett nelson, lou and tyler, and al the boston homies:

so.  in another addition to the long list of summer injuries, i've broken my nose.  or rather, kevrick broke my nose.  peep that left hook.

after a day in the ER, a CT scan to check my also-injured eye orbit, i finally got the news that they couldn't put my nose back in place yet.  i have to go back to a doctor next week after the swelling has gone down for them to knock it back into place.

i'll talk to you then.  until then, mandible claw, AKA humpty dumpty, out.

MCVX - coming next Wednesday

Sad to say, due to some certain circumstances, I've left SLAP.  Much love to all those dudes; I hope to work with you again in the future.  So, I've moved to a new home for now.

It's been a minute in the works, but here's the teaser for my new show. Working for the Birdman now.  I'm pretty hyped, RIDE is for skaters by skaters, and is being pretty supportive of us over here at Mandible Claw HQ.

So.  See you next week.

Samurai Look Book

Peep the new Samurai Summer 2012 Look Book featuring Billy, Piro and a bunch of other homies...

boston etc

i'm still slinging it.  (slangin it.)  but i'm trying to keep the stack strong; i'm filming switch.  that means all clips are twice as cool.  

in another example of when keeping it real goes wrong, barlow has once again abandoned new york city.  he fled to the back woods of pennsylvania, where he's currently wallowing in muck and teaching fourth-graders to heelflip.  hopefully he makes it back after his three-week woodward counselorship ends, because we've got a part to film.

i took a last-minute trip last week to boston with the iron claw crew.  it's an amazing city, cool dudes who roll deep, crusty spots.  kevin coakley was a great tour guide.  we have to make another trip before long.  the best part of the trip was the 100-degree night--20 gods at the spot, all shirtless, drinking tall-boys, watching a mile-long back noseblunt.  that, or watching good will hunting, IN BOSTON. 

other news: piro now skates for SAMURAI, billy's brain-child; hopefully we see some boards in the near future.  matt is bailing for LA.  fogt is here for good.  and i need a new VX.

the annual summer injury

there's a big difference between dislocation and separation; while dislocation means the ball of your arm pops out of its socket, separation means that your scapula tears free from your collarbone.  to illustrate:

i gave myself a nice grade 3 on my left shoulder, skating the chelsea piers bowl two summers ago.  my shoulder has a permanent drop of about an inch and a half now.  a few days ago, i decided to even out my shoulders, and drop the other one too.  ate shit filming a line, SNAP.  (this image is mirrored for some reason.)

they say that bad things come in threes.  the second thing was that barlow, kennedy, and matt got kicked out of their queens apartment after only 2 days--the building owner told them the place had been subleased to them illegally and gave them the boot.  the guy that leased it to them got pissed that they didn't lie to cover his ass and is saying he's not going to give them their money back.  i guess he doesn't understand the wrath and persistence of skateboarders.

the third thing?  piro is back in town.  our lives are about to get way grungier again.

scum co

scum co is a board company that's hooking up brian downey, max van arnem, and a bunch of other radical dudes.  brian has the ender (which i filmed) in this dope little team video.  (and ben k shot the above photo too.)  buy scum co, support small skate brands!

only built for fogt's lynx

fogt informed me that i don't have a link to his art website in the links, so this is now informing you, loyal pawns, that you can easily access alex fogt's weird shit in the links section.  skate art, naked ghosts, plagiarism of ben k's photos, etc etc.


first off, barlow and fogt are back in town.  but more importantly, following the quartersnacks trending, we've been pretty up on the 2 chainz tip.  anyway, today some random dude messaged me on facebook and asked me to check out his videos.  i actually watched one and it was pretty dope...and he does a line where he ollies over 2 chainz.  peep game.  some dudes in columbus ohio.


three or four days ago, bill pierce texted me: "chicago on sunday."  why not?  kennedy, jonathan lopez and i packed into bill's new car and drove all night, taking shifts driving, to the windy city.  i've asked everyone here if they know nic nootens, and a lot of people said no--we're skating with people who've moved here in the past 4 years.  but one guy, G-Money, one of the guys who made the Chity video, said, "Nic is OG!"

some stills so far: