moving on up

last night we had a great session with eby, fogt, and the two leos--gutman and heinert.  the littler leo got an insane trick that would have belonged in the most recent new york clip.  fogt ended up breaking his board, as usual, so today before he left for delaware he had to get some clips to make up for it.

we found this wall walking home drunk from a bar last night, so we decided to go skate it.... unfortunately, alcohol and geography don't mix, and it took us a long time to find it again.  as we were filming, eby called us and met up.  he seemed confused when he arrived.

eby: "i thought you said you were skating a wallride spot?"
me: "i did."
"but this is.... well, i guess you can call any building a wall ride spot, then."

fogt got 2 clips over this really high pole, breaking another board in the process, then hopped a bus back to newark.  he and i are both headed to florida this weekend.  see you soon.