"un café et un pain au chocolat pour JIMMY, S.V.P."

FREEDOM FRIES, FAGGOTS! Don't you remember? We boycotted those stuck-up assholes a decade ago for a good reason: the French weren't willingy supporting our international bullying. BUT it seems that the french are at least being kind to Mandible Claw associate, Jimmy Lannon.

All of you already know that Jimmy is now riding for Magenta, probably one of the raddest companies around right now, and they happen to be based out of Paris. While I was in Paris the other weekend, waiting for the train, I snooped around in a book store and found this quite typical, nondescript skate mag called "SUGAR" (sorry dudes but the name sucks):

On second glance I noticed Jimmy's name, all up and done in fancy script:

Inside there is a full interview with photos from Mandible Claw bros Carlos Jaramillo and J. Henry. Pretty rad. Jimmy talks (translated into French) about Florida, Living in Gainesville, Atlanta, his wife, Magenta, his past video parts, etc, but didn't ONCE mention the CLAW (or the taco bell warm-up spot in the ville). And that's a god damn shame. But it's still a pretty rad thing to come across. A couple more pics (oh yeah, sorry about the quality, I took them with my webcam):


just make sure to watch til the end

p.s. I've picked up a couple of skate mags recently, one from Oslo and one from Paris, and they feature some members, close friends, and not-so-distant friends of the CLAW. Therefore, soon, hopefully, I'll post some pics and words about them for all you yankees to see.