buggica put this amazing tape together of tampa homies, a lot of whom you've seen in previous mandible videos.  the title says it all.  get down.

all hallow's eve

we've talked about it for years.  everyone could see it.  but finally, jake did it.

we went through the snow--fuck that winter shit--to the KCDC party, where the unanimous agreement was that j casanova was the best costume there. i was a beer wizard, piro was a weird duck thing, eby was the honey badger, and ben was nothing.  way to blow it, ben.

costumed shredding on the ramp can be seen in the naysayer clip, which goes along with some dope photos.

now that november is here, and ryan barlow is back in florida with a grip of footage and photos under his belt, we have some quiet in the mandible claw HQ.  finally i can catch up on my work, and actually get some writing done.  i finally have peace....

today, steve spence called me and reminded he he's coming on friday, and so is fogt.

let the good times roll.  again.  i'll sleep when i'm dead.