skate wall street

"occupy wall street" is getting bigger.  today 10,000 people marched to city hall.  this means more closed businesses for us to skate.

TJ sparks is the most recent addition to MC3; he's claimed stake to a full part.  at the mandible claw headquarters, we're working on ideas for the next video.  i'll tell you now, it's going to be really, really weird.  i figure that this is my chance to make something as bizarre as my brain is.  for example, see that movie, "house," screenshotted below.  (is screenshotted a word?)

others who've claimed parts: one in a million alumni, matt militano, alex conn, and kennedy cantrell.

on another note, i'm more excited than any of you about the upcoming HOT-TOWN clip.  i hope this isn't a joke, vince!