hurricane mandible

the hurricane was, as expected, a wash.  as native floridians, jake and i spent the hurricane drinking PBR and watching "point break."

today, the strong winds dried up the ground long enough for us to session the washington monument spot a while before it started raining again.  but within a few hours, the rain stopped and it dried up again.  thus began our journey.

since the trains are still offline, jake and i skated over the williamsburg bridge to meet up with eby and nabi and esty (those naysayers with their love of the long "E").  and then richard met up with us.  and then mike johnston.  and tommy, and connor.  collectively, we skated from 3 boroughs and met up at a weird construction spot on west 4th.

after undergoing spot construction, we skated there for an hour or so until the cops came for the second time.  so we mashed uptown, hitting spots every block or so.  all in all, we skated for 8 hours today, ending the session and midnight at the forbidden banks.  definitely the best session of the summer.

see you out there again tomorrow.