ABD bro

since the last few posts have been fogt-heavy, i might as well add this.  at the NYC premiere for the new video, i was talking to soy panday, and when fogt's last trick came on, i told him how crazy it was to ollie into that thing.  (see fogt's ender in 561 to NYC).  soy said, "yeah, that'd be really hard.......i did it too."

today, in an article in the french skate mag, sugar, i saw the photo:

it reminds of the time when, skating a spot with eby and fogt, we got screamed at from across a playground, "THAT WALLRIDE IS ABD, BRO, GET THE FUCK OUTTA NEW YORK, STOOOOOOPS!"

why so serious?

Trashed Fogt

Please head over to Ben's Blog and watch this clip of Fogt eating shit on this drop in. HAHAHAHAHA