rolling deep

the past week, we've been skating with a few guys up here from atlanta: caio, fletcher, and solomon.  all cool dudes who tear shit up.  some really, really crazy shit went down.  selfishly, i want to keep it all for MC3, but most if not all will probably go to videos of the teams they ride for.

today was their last day, so we skated for way too long, and ended up at the courthouse.  a few days ago, fletcher did an amazing trick into the drop, but i filmed it really shitty--i blame ben, who asked me a question in between tries, and as i was looking back, answering, i heard fletcher throw down, and i spun back to film it.  i got it on film, but badly.  so today, we tried to go back and refilm it.  this happened.  worst-case scenario.

they leave tomorrow morning, but to replace them, matt town arrived.  tonight the 8 of us drank beer on my fire escape, then skated the BQE and mccarren park and all ate shit.  a good night.

i hope for go skateboarding day you all stay indoors and get hammered.