maloof disaster

we went to the maloof contest, where billy scrounged his way into the semi-finals.  about half-way through the day, cory kennedy skated close by the edge in front of where we were sitting, and twenty or so kids swarmed the railing, reaching over for autographs, and the weight was so much on that one piece of platform that the floor broke through and kids starting sinking down into it like cars into a sinkhole.  but the kids stayed there, screaming for autographs, still sinking into the earth.  we had to physically pull some of them back until security showed up and roped it off.  this is what it looked like when all the kids were off it, imagine it loaded with weight.

the semi-final results:

Results: Maloof Money Cup NYC 2011 PRO Street Semifinals (Top 12 advance to Finals)

1.Colin Provost
2.Ryan Decenzo
3.Greg Lutzka
4.Justin Figueroa AKA Figgy
5.Nick Merlino
6.Jackson Curtin
7.Andrew Reynolds
8.Dennis Busenitz
9.Cory Kennedy
10.Sierra Fellers
11.Manny Santiago
12.Eli Reed
13.Pete Eldridge
14.David Gravette
15.Caswell Berry
16.Darrell Stanton
16.Garrett Hill
18.Adam Dyet
19.Jordan Hoffart
20.Danny Cerzini
21.Johnny Layton
22.Keegan Sauder
23.Billy Rohan
24.Rodrigo Tx

...and rodrigo tx didn't even show up.  but billy was wearing a ghostface shirt, so really it all evens out in the end.