chestoni arcenal is one of those people who shout a catchphrase--once every few minutes, at the least (i suspect he murmers it even in his sleep), and during an average skate session, every few seconds.  just imagine how many times "shithouse" was screamed during the making of this part.  filmed by bryan reynolds, tyler dumais, and a bunch of other dudes.

if for nothing else, toni rules because i've been trying to get people to do that last line at the sun center forever.  shithouse.

busy business

things have been a bit frenzied at the mandible claw HQ.  first off, i got a job working for SLAP magazine, and have been doing stuff related to that.  some recent subway snaps:

jake in a size small:

special price:

yesterday i filmed an epic session at the chelsea piers bowl for slap--steve steadham, pat ngoho, lance mountain, and tons of other legends were there.  that night we went to thrasher's "love and guts" photo show, where they displayed photos and art from the last 30 years of the magazine.  there were some classics up:

today we went to a weed-themed art show at KCDC, which had some drawings from mandible claw associate jayme lemperle (the artist behind a lot of rip n dip's stuff--the nermal board, for example).  check his art at

tomorrow we're headed to the maloof contest and a guaranteed sunburn.  videos for various things coming soon.