An Inspirational Message about Skateboarding from the folks at HOT TOWN

The past week or so has been pleasantly warm in our small village in central Germany, so naturally the windows have been wide open. Today, I was roused towards my open window when I heard the fast rattle of urethane over asphalt. "An actual Skateboarder!" I thought, in surprise. But, much to my dismay, it was only a playful child pushing his toy trucks along the ground. My point here is that I live in an town devoid of skateboarding. A "skate desert," if you will. That's why I am urging you, in these moments before the release of Mandible Claw's next video, 561 to NYC, think about your life and the role skateboarding plays in it and know that there are other people less fortunate. Appreciate the good times on those 7 plys of wood, and even appreciate the times where you want to break them. Call up your best skate-rat buddy and tell him you love him... and then go to a Mandible Claw premiere together after renegading some beers.

Your life is great because you skateboard. And you only live once.
Don't Blow it.

-Hot Town