back in the FLA

so, some backstory: tuesday night, 2 AM, i look out the window and a blizzard is starting. so i find a 20 dollar flight to miami leaving in 3 hours online, say fuck it, and pack up and buy it.  it's snowing like hell.

i take a cab to the airport. but as soon as i get out, i realize my wallet has fallen out into the cab--i must not have put it into my pocket well. and off the cab goes.

so i'm stuck at the airport with no ID, no money, no proof that it's my ticket. i can't even get back to my apartment, and it's 4 in the morning. i call the taxi dispatch, give them the cabbie's badge number, call its luck. so i end up realized that i might as well just try to get back to florida.

i talk to the airport people, end up getting through because i have prescription bottles with my name on them, but they have to call and verify my name, past addresses, social security number, etc....takes an hour. i miss my flight because the asshole supervisor makes me check my skateboard. i get bumped up to a later flight and wait for it, ending up being the very last seat on the plane.

in miami, i have no money and no card to get any, so i turn hobo and beg people on the street for money to get on the air train to west palm. i get enough money just in time from a woman pilot who takes pity on me and gives me a sandwich and a drink. i get to west palm, find a ride to stuart, and voila, here i am.

i can't really go anywhere, so if you want to skate, come down here. over and out!