gainesvillains in NYC

they guys got here yesterday morning.  well, to be precise, steve and michael got here; erik and chuey missed their flight, and caught a later one in.  we skated for maybe six hours, not really filming anything, but it was a fun, cruising session--we covered a lot of ground, from williamsburg, to downtown, to chinatown.  the guys got their first experiences with dollar dumplings and grumpy new yorkers.  chuey got really close to landing a memorable trick at the courthouse drop, but we got kicked out.

this morning, things took a turn for the bizarre; steve went out on his own to get some food, and when he came back, he accidentally walked into the wrong, though identical, apartment next door.  he tried to enter my apartment, except it wasn't mine, which he then realized and walked back out.  but he was met by cops, who had been called by whoever's door he knocked on, some paranoid fucking assholes apparently, because steve got arrested and taken to jail.

after a lot of time spent trying to figure out what happened and then trying to find what station he was being held at, we set out to pay his bail.  but when we got there, we were told that he had just left, after being given a court date.  of course, he had no phone to use, and was in an unfamiliar part of town.... we ran around shouting his name, splitting up, until finally we found him.

oh, and it was raining today.  hopefully the rest of the week is dryer and safer.