well, the thrasher king of the road videos are just getting better and better.  but what made me like number 11 so much is that the dude who makes out with all the older women--and keeps ripping off his shirt--reminds me so much of james "the legend" spence.  he has that same essence, that vibe....right now i'm imagining the legend reclined in a leather chair, wearing a satin robe, drinking old scotch from a crystal decanter, wearing sunglasses in front of the warmly glowing fireplace...."ah, the good old days," he says, and takes another drink.  miss you, buddy.

fat kid spot

jake, nic and i skated the fat kid spot tonight, which is the spot with the round manuals pads with the flatbar stretched between them--see jason dill's part in "skate more," or jimmy's part in "good life." it's such a dirty, grimy spot that my boogers turned black.

i had been planning on trying to get down to florida for the weekend, but the flights are overbooked to all hell.  but maybe this is a good thing--it looks like florida's become even crazier while i've been away.

"A Florida inmate is in more trouble after jail deputies found out he was keeping an illegal fanny pack — in his fanny.
Neil Lansing, 33, was charged with drug possession and smuggling contraband in jail for having 30 items tucked up his anus, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported.
Using a rectum as a smuggling compartment is nothing new in Florida, but this has to set some kind of world record or at least a state jail system mark.
On top of 17 blue pills and a cigarette, Lansing was able to fit six matches, a flint, a syringe, some lip balm, an unused condom and a receipt from CVS."
read the rest here.  CLICK! 

anyway, the good news is that the NYC weather forecast is sunny with a high in the 50s! i'm going to try to wrap this video up in a week. see you soon.