the news

so what's going on in skateboarding? nothing, so far as i know. this is what i see when i look outside.

i've been thinking of attempting the idea that billy told about gonz, where the gonz had big wheels on his front trucks to push the snow out of the way for the back wheels. or attaching a snow plow to the nose and just blasting shit.

for whatever reason, lightning and thunder are accompanying the rain, snow, and hail that have been switching off all day. the perfect storm.

so when's the video coming out, you ask? my flu cut short filming a little bit, so john's a bit tight on footage--he has 2 minutes. still not bad for 2-3 weeks of filming. i'm waiting to scrounge together some more footage of him from the homies, and we might try to film a little snow scene up here for poops and giggles. in either case, it'll be out within a few weeks (since when have i ever released anything by the deadline?)

on an unrelated note, i met jonathan safran foer, and he was a nice guy, but kept turning the conversation back around to himself. what else could you expect from a guy who wrote "eating animals."