featured article over at Typical Culture for Dante DeBose with photos and words by Carlos Jaramillo. check it!

New York Clip 12 - Rush Hour


to clarify/defend myself.

going about this, we tried to have a sense of ethics.  when we did something that could damage a car, it was only on a car that was totally fucked or abandoned.  for example, the car that got its windshield broken was an abandoned junker covered in bird shit under the BQE.  the car in the first line had a flat, had piled-up tickets, was dented and rusted.  it was similar with all the other cars that were skated, including the blue van, which had a few of its windows replaced by duct tape.

yes, the car he ran on wasn't shitty, but it wouldn't/didn't hurt the car at all.

skate and destroy.


Think of HOT TOWN as a fungus: what you see is the MUSHROOM, the "fruiting body," but really, underneath that fruiting body is an enormous, intricate, and complex web of mycelia (fungal structures akin to plant roots). Those mycelia are always active, underneath the earth's surface, spreading, growing, excreting enzymes, etc, but at the right times and under the most favorable conditions, mycelium fuse together, and a primordium, or "baby mushroom," begins to form. This ultimately grows into what we know as mushrooms. Sometime this fruiting body persists for a few weeks before it releases spores and then degrades into itself again and sometimes this fruiting body lasts for mere seconds before it's completed its final stage of its life cycle.
Maybe this video clip, on this here blog, represents one of those such mushrooms, only appearing for a minute or two before disintegrating back into the mycelium-like web of the internet. Maybe it will reappear one-day as something greater, different, and more important. This is supposedly the last installment of the HOT TOWN video clips, but just like mushrooms, the mycelium of HOT TOWN continues on:

The Big Time

We made the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Hypebeast,Gothamist and just about every other big blog on the interwebs.


It might be different depending on where you live on this tiny planet, but in most places Autumn is here. Autumn weather can pose many challenges to skateboarding, e.g. fog, rain and/or general dampness. Therefore, sometimes, although you have the best intentions, you never really succeed on your planned skateboarding mission. But we all know that this can happen on even the best of days. You try and go out for a nice session, but instead you just get lost in the woods. Consider this the newest "teaser" for the upcoming, internet-only, donation based, HOT TOWN video clip...


the first new "teaser" for the new HOT TOWN video clip featuring new faces and some new material somehow related to skateboarding:


buggica put this amazing tape together of tampa homies, a lot of whom you've seen in previous mandible videos.  the title says it all.  get down.

all hallow's eve

we've talked about it for years.  everyone could see it.  but finally, jake did it.

we went through the snow--fuck that winter shit--to the KCDC party, where the unanimous agreement was that j casanova was the best costume there. i was a beer wizard, piro was a weird duck thing, eby was the honey badger, and ben was nothing.  way to blow it, ben.

costumed shredding on the ramp can be seen in the naysayer clip, which goes along with some dope photos.

now that november is here, and ryan barlow is back in florida with a grip of footage and photos under his belt, we have some quiet in the mandible claw HQ.  finally i can catch up on my work, and actually get some writing done.  i finally have peace....

today, steve spence called me and reminded he he's coming on friday, and so is fogt.

let the good times roll.  again.  i'll sleep when i'm dead.