i'm back in action

i was busy 24/7 all last week due to one in a million, but my life is back to normal.  tj sparks is in town, so we've been filming; some of the ATL homies just got in too.  today we checked out the wall street protests and all the surrounding madness.

ryan barlow is coming up in two weeks, maybe permanently.  we're working on hard on moving every floridian skater to new york; bobby puleo is pissed.

NY Capsule

Magenta's NY Capsule is online. Colin has a good amount of clips in it. Mandible brothers Matt Town, Connor, Barlow, Jimmy and Mr. Read himself all make appearances.

Link to Video


Kilpatrick Post

Ben has some good Mandible Claw life style shots up on his blog. Peep em.

slap is the new claw

piro, tommy, and FRECKS.

the art of flight

crazy, crazy nights.  redbull put on this after-party for fashion week, and invited a bunch of NYC skaters to have a session on a ramp overlooking central park, while ritzy fashionistas watched and shook their booties.  they fed us fancy food and kept us filled with mixed drinks....not a bad way to spend a night.

da mystery of CREAM

my dudes derek mclean and nick zizzo have been keeping themselves busy down in FL.  this is a dope edit set to el michels affair, who i've used before too (in dante's new part).  get the money

nick and derek: hope you're stacking for MC3!

that's PROFESSOR mandible to you

i start teaching my class today.  this is the beginning of my syllabus.  check where i made my office hours.

Phonetage 4

A phonetage of the last 2 months.

the last days of summer

we've been out filming every day to try to squeeze out the last drops of summer.  i start teaching on tuesday, so my skate-time will be vastly reduced.  today i cruised with richard, adrian vega, and billy mcfeely as they filmed some stuff for HUF, and i got some clips of those dudes.  the image right below this is from a few mights ago, on a sick roof bank we found after tommy climbed up to indulge in illicit activity.