the good old days

"now" rules, enjoy it

hurricane mandible

the hurricane was, as expected, a wash.  as native floridians, jake and i spent the hurricane drinking PBR and watching "point break."

today, the strong winds dried up the ground long enough for us to session the washington monument spot a while before it started raining again.  but within a few hours, the rain stopped and it dried up again.  thus began our journey.

since the trains are still offline, jake and i skated over the williamsburg bridge to meet up with eby and nabi and esty (those naysayers with their love of the long "E").  and then richard met up with us.  and then mike johnston.  and tommy, and connor.  collectively, we skated from 3 boroughs and met up at a weird construction spot on west 4th.

after undergoing spot construction, we skated there for an hour or so until the cops came for the second time.  so we mashed uptown, hitting spots every block or so.  all in all, we skated for 8 hours today, ending the session and midnight at the forbidden banks.  definitely the best session of the summer.

see you out there again tomorrow.

rainbow road


trying to give eby and crew some shine.

Magenta's NYC Capsule

the DVD of magenta's "hill street blues," bought HERE, contains the new NYC capsule.  it's absolutely amazing.  solemnly fitting, beautiful music and rad city skating, edited well as always by those at the magenta camp.  you should all buy it right now, it's 10 bucks with free shipping--support magenta.  i contributed some footage to it, so you may see some familiar faces....

a good summary of today's events:

12 and A and Friends

i filmed this a couple weeks ago with WIlly Akers, Lil Andre, Eby, Jamel Marshall, Bones (!!!), and Billy.

gainesville ills (pt. 2)

Roders, Matt, and Erik watching Colin film Shawn, if I remember correctly...

gainesville ills

I came across some photos I took a long time ago: Steve and Shawn at Taco Bell, little jitterbugs at GSP, and Matt, Roders, Erik, some random onlooker, and some others in front of that weird club with the silver door. Check it...

my favorite video part of all time

as time goes on, people tend to drift apart.  it's the second law of thermodynamics.  but i guess with mandible claw, i'm trying to bring everything back together, even if that means just trying to have everybody in the videos together.

this is the favorite part i've ever made.  watching it gets me more stoked than any other part in the last year.  i wish i could still skate with shawn--all of you know he's one of the most naturally gifted people on a skateboard, and that this part doesn't get close to showing how good he really is.  but he's also one of the most fun people to skate, and hang out, with.  this part embodies what mandible claw is all about--the homies, the fun.

this is your sentimental blog post of the month.  carry on.

j henry, peacing out

j henry finally up and left gainesville. come to new york, kid! anyway, here's a clip of his final days in town, with a bunch of florida heads, filmed by atwood. i hope "incognito" comes out soon.

DQM / Girl / Lakai

this is the official video of the DQM / Girl / Lakai demo.  pretty rad.  but wait til the end, where a very unexpected clip comes in.  are they making fun of me?  probably.  and i never knew i made such a retarded face while filming, ew.

mandible claw sucks

i want to skate.  new york clip with piro, richard, billy, and tommy.

limited edition

like skateboarding, but better

if you guys wanna start an online "Settlers of Catan" Crew, that would be awesome.


ABD bro

since the last few posts have been fogt-heavy, i might as well add this.  at the NYC premiere for the new video, i was talking to soy panday, and when fogt's last trick came on, i told him how crazy it was to ollie into that thing.  (see fogt's ender in 561 to NYC).  soy said, "yeah, that'd be really hard.......i did it too."

today, in an article in the french skate mag, sugar, i saw the photo:

it reminds of the time when, skating a spot with eby and fogt, we got screamed at from across a playground, "THAT WALLRIDE IS ABD, BRO, GET THE FUCK OUTTA NEW YORK, STOOOOOOPS!"

why so serious?

Trashed Fogt

Please head over to Ben's Blog and watch this clip of Fogt eating shit on this drop in. HAHAHAHAHA



Pretty hyped on these graphics from Open Skateboards a local brand here in NYC. Connor and some of the other homies skate for them so check em out and show some love.

Open Union Update 1 from open skateboards on Vimeo.

like that movie "the santa clause"

i'm nowhere, and won't be skating for a little while.  so right now would be a grand time for some of the other authors on this blog to make some posts.  call it "guest month."  cornell, vince, fogt, and jake--have at it.  don't fuck it up.

go to and get busy, minions.

EDIT: i'll fix your inevitable grammar mistakes, jake.


A couple of photos. More here.

New York Clip - Night skating

Brian Delatorre, Damien Brockett, Matt Town, and Nic Nootens find some lines when others are sleeping.

jimmy, parts 1 and 2

jimmy lannon, in a clip for his pro wheel.  paradise is killing it right now!

...but on another note, here's a bizarre video from my home base, with a lengthly skit and the outlines for a contest.  boys, get your ollies on!