out of the loop

well, it's been about a week since my surgery, and i'm slowly recovering.  but summer is slipping through my fingertips.  here's what some others are doing:

fogt, eby, jerry yates, nabi, ben, and some other boys are on the naysayer tour, heading up to canada.  hopefully, fogt brought a lot of boards to break.  also, he and nabi are glasses twins.

and 12&A had a surprise visitor.  check my boy bones, the same kid with the ripped pants a few posts below, chilling with waka flocka flame.  lots of respect to waka for this.

561 to NYC now In Stores

The 561 to NYC DVD is now on sale for 7$ at Autumn Skateshop and 12th and A in NYC. Go support your local skate shop today and pick up a copy. We're working on getting copies to skate shops in Florida.

Getting soggy with Fogt

This past week, New York City experienced its biggest heat wave since 1977. All around the city, people took to the streets to cool down. Featuring Alex Fogt.


Colin "Mandible Claw" Read needs your help. Help save Colin's life today by purchasing a copy of 561 to NYC, now only 5$ online. Also look for copies to hit local Skate Shops soon.


Alex Fogt - Drop In Photo by Ben Kilpatrick.

the adventure before us

fogt, john, brandon, and i are skating from jacksonville to key west this winter.  and yes, i mean skating. stay tuned.

agama agama

we've started seeing these lizards around downtown stuart--specifically at a certain ledge spot.  after some research, it's the agama agama, an african lizard that's recently made its way to parts of florida.

everyone tells me that new york is 110 degrees right now.  meanwhile, it's unusually pleasant in florida; we skated at 3 o'clock the other day and didn't die of heat strokes.  i didn't bring down my camera, but i wish i did, since brandon's got his eye on some lines.

fogt and i are planning a skate adventure this winter, and john and brandon want in.  more info coming soon.

new york clip

if anyone knows who the mystery sax man is, let me know!


billy took the best picture of the girl demo.  this is bones, one of the raddest kids in new york.  i've actually filmed with him a little bit, so hopefully we can get some good stuff of him for the next video.  as real as it gets.


mandible claw has been in a bit of a rut lately, concerning the blog, getting tricks on film, and morale.  so here's someone i'd like to appear in the next video: tim bennett.  his section (which comes after andrew bumgarner) is my favorite part of the hour-long naysayer "promo."  just call it a full video, already!

always gone

after a discussion about this very phenomenon last night, jayme made this.  damn you, tool makers!

Me Gusta

by jayme lemperle

561 to NYC - Jimmy Lannon, Matt Town, and Dante Debose

...but alas, the show must go on

i went lingerie shopping today.

mandible claw is slowing down for a little while.  i got a hernia.  those are my fancy new underpants.  i bet you didn't realize i was 85 years old.  pretty impressive i'm still skating, right?

Phonetage 3

Finally got around to making a 3rd Phonetage. More coming soon. Music by Shabazz Palaces.

Some photos from the phone. Summer in NYC.. get up here.



ryan leaves tomorrow, and like matt, he made good use of his time in new york.  a solid minute of solid footage.

i'm off to texas for a few days.  howdy, pardner!

quim, part 2