gimme pizza

after a long day of skating with all the dudes, we went to an oakley party where don pendleton was doing an exhibit.  but it was the after-party that really mattered: on the street, we found full boxes of pizza, so we jammed out and gorged ourselves full, then skated the empty boxes like no tomorrow.  the best pizza party ever.

quim cardona, part 1

quimtime part 1 of 3.  part 2 coming tomorrow.  probably.

the end of one era, the dawning of another

it's been a fun week, but matt town goes back to florida tomorrow.  we got a solid foundation for a great part--he's going to have his own full part in the next video for sure.  now that he's leaving, i can sit back, relax, let my feet recover,, wait, four gainesvillains are arriving an hour after he leaves, no doubt rabid for street skating and debauchery.

i need a vacation.

fuck another transworld video

fuck, this is the mandible claw review.  it will be short.  fuck this fucking video.  why, you ask, are you using "fuck" so much?  because the video bleeped out when skaters say the word fuck.  with an actual BEEP sounds.  i was excited that theotis would be skating to waka flocka flame, but it's censored--and waka without all the "fuckin" and "my nigga" isn't really waka.  fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

watch the naysayer promo instead, premiering tomorrow at 7 PM at KCDC.  see you there.

matt town, summer in the city

the whole previous week, i thought today, monday, was go skateboarding day.  we woke up, hyped, ready to roll with the masses.  until billy calls and tells us it's tomorrow.  whoops.

matt's been going strong up here--he has 45 seconds of edited keeper footage logged for MC3, plus another minute of stuff to mess around with.  billy got 2 lines today, ben got some photos (see above), then we headed over to a party at the house of vans.  a solid day and night.

here's a gopro edit ben made with footage of billy and the atlanta homies.  i have a guest pivot grind to fakie in there too.

rolling deep

the past week, we've been skating with a few guys up here from atlanta: caio, fletcher, and solomon.  all cool dudes who tear shit up.  some really, really crazy shit went down.  selfishly, i want to keep it all for MC3, but most if not all will probably go to videos of the teams they ride for.

today was their last day, so we skated for way too long, and ended up at the courthouse.  a few days ago, fletcher did an amazing trick into the drop, but i filmed it really shitty--i blame ben, who asked me a question in between tries, and as i was looking back, answering, i heard fletcher throw down, and i spun back to film it.  i got it on film, but badly.  so today, we tried to go back and refilm it.  this happened.  worst-case scenario.

they leave tomorrow morning, but to replace them, matt town arrived.  tonight the 8 of us drank beer on my fire escape, then skated the BQE and mccarren park and all ate shit.  a good night.

i hope for go skateboarding day you all stay indoors and get hammered.

you make me laugh

don't be silly and just buy the new dvd, ok? meow

the rohan

DVDs for sale!


It took long enough, but the new Mandible Claw video, "561 to NYC," is finally for sale, for just 7 bucks.  and the first 15 people to buy it get a copy of the first video for free.  so, if you have a couple spare bucks, support the claw, so i can keep making these videos--and tell your friends!  your shops!  your girlfriend's little brother who skates!  tell everyone--that's your mission, loyal mandibles!


go pro, yo

when ben isn't taking photos, he dicks around with his gopro camera, and usually ends up getting a bunch of fun stuff on film.  here's a few days of footage, featuring tim bennett, eby, nabi, fogt, me, piro and some others.

mandible claw supports MAGENTA

even though fogt scribbles all over his boards, it's all magenta.

fogt city

photo ben k

Billy Rohan and Quim Cardona - Wu-Tang Limited

we usually take a nigga's garments.  youtube and vimeo.

chelsea piers SLAP mag

this was a fun, sunburnt day.  my first thing for SLAP.


mangenta is the best board company in the business right now.  jimmy kills it in here with leo valls and the rest of the crew in SF.  jimmy jimmy ya!

Magenta's SF Hill Street Blues from Magenta Skateboards on Vimeo.

maloof disaster

we went to the maloof contest, where billy scrounged his way into the semi-finals.  about half-way through the day, cory kennedy skated close by the edge in front of where we were sitting, and twenty or so kids swarmed the railing, reaching over for autographs, and the weight was so much on that one piece of platform that the floor broke through and kids starting sinking down into it like cars into a sinkhole.  but the kids stayed there, screaming for autographs, still sinking into the earth.  we had to physically pull some of them back until security showed up and roped it off.  this is what it looked like when all the kids were off it, imagine it loaded with weight.

the semi-final results:

Results: Maloof Money Cup NYC 2011 PRO Street Semifinals (Top 12 advance to Finals)

1.Colin Provost
2.Ryan Decenzo
3.Greg Lutzka
4.Justin Figueroa AKA Figgy
5.Nick Merlino
6.Jackson Curtin
7.Andrew Reynolds
8.Dennis Busenitz
9.Cory Kennedy
10.Sierra Fellers
11.Manny Santiago
12.Eli Reed
13.Pete Eldridge
14.David Gravette
15.Caswell Berry
16.Darrell Stanton
16.Garrett Hill
18.Adam Dyet
19.Jordan Hoffart
20.Danny Cerzini
21.Johnny Layton
22.Keegan Sauder
23.Billy Rohan
24.Rodrigo Tx

...and rodrigo tx didn't even show up.  but billy was wearing a ghostface shirt, so really it all evens out in the end.


chestoni arcenal is one of those people who shout a catchphrase--once every few minutes, at the least (i suspect he murmers it even in his sleep), and during an average skate session, every few seconds.  just imagine how many times "shithouse" was screamed during the making of this part.  filmed by bryan reynolds, tyler dumais, and a bunch of other dudes.

if for nothing else, toni rules because i've been trying to get people to do that last line at the sun center forever.  shithouse.

busy business

things have been a bit frenzied at the mandible claw HQ.  first off, i got a job working for SLAP magazine, and have been doing stuff related to that.  some recent subway snaps:

jake in a size small:

special price:

yesterday i filmed an epic session at the chelsea piers bowl for slap--steve steadham, pat ngoho, lance mountain, and tons of other legends were there.  that night we went to thrasher's "love and guts" photo show, where they displayed photos and art from the last 30 years of the magazine.  there were some classics up:

today we went to a weed-themed art show at KCDC, which had some drawings from mandible claw associate jayme lemperle (the artist behind a lot of rip n dip's stuff--the nermal board, for example).  check his art at

tomorrow we're headed to the maloof contest and a guaranteed sunburn.  videos for various things coming soon.