shirts in!

the mandible claw/561 skateboarding collabo shirt is for sale at 561!  american apparel shirts.  buy it online or at 561, or call the shop at 772.324.8260 to get one.

John Clayton and Mike Rosa

Straight out of 561, here's John Clayton's part in 561 to NYC.  Mike Rosa's in the mix too.

indian spiderman (and superman)

and spiderman is actually a spiderwoman.

mexican spiderman

more foreign spidermen.  spidermans?

not to clutter up the blog or anything, but uhh, yeah...

italian spiderman

next in the foreign spiderman series.

turkish spiderman is even cooler

because he's a bad guy.

steve cock on da roof

after steve got his case dismissed, we celebrated with a session on the roof.  DVDs for sale next week.

so it begins

filming for mandible claw 3 has begun.  it's off to the usual start.


after a roundabout journey down the east coast, i'm finally in stuart until the 1st of june.  after the cold rains that have recently overtaken new york, the sudden florida heat seems draining, tiring.  i'm meeting up with ol' joe and fogt tomorrow morning to get some rollerboarding in, which i will attempt to document.

a part i like:

Rasa Libre Presents- Nathan Porter in Essence of Freedom from Rasa Libre on Vimeo.

561 to NYC - Alex Fogt and the Rip N Dip Dudes

Alex Fogt has the first part of 561 to NYC, sharing it with the Rip N Dip dudes: Johan Stuckey, Andrew Considine, Derek McLean, Ryan O'Connor, Bert Wootton, and Grant Yansura. 

new job

i got a new job today.  i'll tell you the specifics when it really starts going, but i think i can safely say that it's going to be pretty rad.  be ready.

alex fogt, johan stuckey, and the RIP N DIP dudes' part is going up tonight.  we're sending out the master DVD tomorrow, so you can get your hands on the whole video soon--which comes with 5 bonus sections and has some extra footage in the original parts.

i'm headed to DCD tomorrow, and stuart in 2 or 3 days.  see you soon.

561 to NYC Premiere--Brooklyn

Here's some shitty drunk I-phone shots from the Brooklyn premiere. DVDs should be online for sale within the next two weeks.

*edited for jake's dyslexia.  my additions: it was a fun night, lots of people (friends and skate-strangers) came out for the premiere.  thanks to raspa for the connect, and beauty bar for the venue.  i guess i'll see you all at the mandible claw 3 premiere.

atwood in japan.

atwood rules.  fuenzalida and others skating in the mystic east.

Japan from Michael Atwood on Vimeo.

BEAUTY BAR (brooklyn)


i've never actually been to this bar.  in fact, upon hearing its name, i thought it was a gay bar.  but rest assured it's not, and anyway, it's where the video is premiering this thursday at 11 PM.  921 broadway, between melrose and arion (off the JMZ myrtle stop).

this blog has sucked lately, but after the premiere i can get back to making random videos and elaborate posts.  see you at the premiere!  tell yo friends!


i'm going to try to piece together the history of rip reaperz.  in the beginning, i think it started out as the imaginary rap group of dante, carlos, and chuey.  then i think they tried to make it a real rap group.  and then somewhere along the line the original intent was forgotten and it turned into a skate crew.

this video is the truth.  i miss all you homies!

The Visual and Audio Embodiment of Mandible Claw:


I stumbled across this cover art and song recently during my usual surfing of the world wide web. I was listening to the song and just staring at the photo thinking: this is fucking rad, this reminds me of... Mandible Claw. Feel the vibes. You're going to want to go skate after this.


be scared

NYC premiere on Friday the 13th.  Venue info coming in the next few days.


i have a rivalry running with the actual mandible claw wrestling move.  when you search for mandible claw on google, the first thing that always comes up is the wikipedia article for wrestling holds.  well, no more.  eat it, mankind!

the dot comes correct with this little video featuring mandible homie, connor kammerer.  taylor clark, also featured, is a cool dude who destroys everything in sight.  for more, hope on over to

[dot] lifestyle — Commercial #2 from what it [dot] be on Vimeo.

pier 62

i skated pier 62 yesterday--getting over my post-shoulder-break fear--and the place was full of rippers.  but this one little kid was absolutely destroying the bowl.  skateboarding will never die.

the editing dungeon revealed

here's a peek into the claw cave.  this is the setup on which the entirety of the past 2 videos were edited and the standard surroundings, including the 3 AM bread-and-cheese meal.  to the left are overfilled shelves of books, DVDs, and mini-DV tapes.  to the right is a mattress on the floor.  CLAW LIFE!