the snackman

since quartersnacks is one of my favorite websites, it's always an honor to get linked up on it.  talking about Damien's first trick in the first section, it reads, "If people start treating that ledge through the keyhole at Saint Vincent’s as an actual spot, we will reach a new, even more absurd height in terms of “what’s considered a ‘spot’” in New York."  i hope no one does, because damien almost plummeted over the rail and down the stairs a few times.

the video is almost ready for DVDs and the NYC premiere, although tonight my mouse button broke (i'm using the annoying tappy-clicky feature of the trackpad now).  i suppose that's what you get when you edit entire videos using a 2005 macbook by itself.

post-post production

between catching up on school, finishing up the bonus parts, and putting final touches on the actual video, we've found some time to get out there and skate, since the past few days have been the warmest days all year--we actually sweated.  ben kilpatrick got a cruising line, a few random homies got some footage, and i even managed the least likely thing for me to do, a high-ollie line.


ninja turtle style.


ben kilpatrick, recent NYC transplant and mandible claw collaborator, has been skating with us a lot lately. we filmed this today in about 10 minutes on his GoPro camera at 12&A, during the first actually good day of the year.

NYC goods

this is an amazing video by BK (i think) in new york city.  no titles, no intro, no bullshit, just straight skating.  dan zvereff has a killer first part, and then at the 6 minute mark, koki comes on with a couple sick clips.  i don't really even know who to credit for this or thank--it's completely untitled and unannounced--but it's worth the watch.  get hyped.

LOG FILE 1 from enjoyfilming on Vimeo.

the dot interview

I showed up at the 561 premiere and instantly raspa stuck a microphone in my face. he went around interviewing people all night, with david filming everything, and it turned out hilarious. check the link for the video featuring raspa, wu-tang joe, myself, and a host of other 561 locals.

Link to Video Here


561 to NYC -- Intro (New York Section)

here's the first part of the video.  DVD and online release coming soon!  show your friends!

561 to NYC -- Intro/New York section from Colin Read on Vimeo.

(here's a youtube link if vimeo doesn't work for you.)

561 to NYC Premier at 561

561 to NYC premiere at 561. Thanks to Teak for hosting us and Hobie Hiler for the photos.


it is over.

the premieres are done.  but i'm too tired to talk about it.  so, instead why don't you all tell me about it?  people who were there, leave details of the premieres in the comments.

You Know What It Is


FRIDAY Tall Paul's Brew House Gainesville FL - April 15 7:00pm - 10:00pm More Info HERE
SATURDAY 561 Skate Shop Stuart FL - April 16 8PM

international claw

the trailer's up on sites around the world.  here's the google translation of a spanish site:

"If the first of the mandible claw (see above shared part) that let you skatelike good laugh and want to appear to Colin Read something more seriousgoes bottom-up documenting the East Coast. Can you still waiting? Goodshit."

from the comments:
"Well, of course is the right list! full of sites that take it more seriously."

muy bien!

airport disaster, part 2

on monday, i took the train from west palm to miami at 5:30 in the morning.  i was going to arrive at the airport in plenty of time for my flight--things were looking up.  so i leaned back, closed my eyes, relaxed....and woke up 3 hours later, still on the train, which had turned around and was now heading north again, somewhere around ft. lauderdale.

i got off at the next stop and transferred back down south.  needless to say, i missed my plane.  i waited around in the airport for 6 or so hours until i finally got another flight.  in new york, jake, nic and i skated for a few hours, then i got to my apartment at last and started editing.

so where are we now?  the video's not done, in fact two parts are unedited, and i'm waiting on some potential extra footage of john...but i feel positive about the whole endeavor.  it should be a good one.

see you soon.

filming failure

well, i'm heading back to NYC tomorrow morning to finish up editing.  i flew down here to florida to film more of john and brandon, but ended up getting only one clip.  we tried, though--we got kicked out of a bunch of places, etc.  so in the last 3 filming trips to florida, i've gotten officially 3 clips.  i guess that's how it goes, sometimes.

see you at the premiere.

An Inspirational Message about Skateboarding from the folks at HOT TOWN

The past week or so has been pleasantly warm in our small village in central Germany, so naturally the windows have been wide open. Today, I was roused towards my open window when I heard the fast rattle of urethane over asphalt. "An actual Skateboarder!" I thought, in surprise. But, much to my dismay, it was only a playful child pushing his toy trucks along the ground. My point here is that I live in an town devoid of skateboarding. A "skate desert," if you will. That's why I am urging you, in these moments before the release of Mandible Claw's next video, 561 to NYC, think about your life and the role skateboarding plays in it and know that there are other people less fortunate. Appreciate the good times on those 7 plys of wood, and even appreciate the times where you want to break them. Call up your best skate-rat buddy and tell him you love him... and then go to a Mandible Claw premiere together after renegading some beers.

Your life is great because you skateboard. And you only live once.
Don't Blow it.

-Hot Town

obey the claw

well, word about the video's getting around--right now the teaser is on the front pages of SLAP and Focus. little do they know that the video's barely half done.  i'm heading to florida in a few hours to try to get some last second filming in with john and's still too cold up here anyway.

see you in the sunshine.


the teaser.

editing update

with a week to go, here's where i'm at.  the intro, fogt's part, and the gainesville section (except chuey and sean conover's part) are done.  john's part is also edited, but i'd love to get more tricks for it, so i'm going to try to head to stuart on thursday, film for a few days, then jet back up here, then back down again for the premieres....i guess this is what happens when you try to make a full-length skate video, start to finish, in four months.

so: chuey doesn't have a song yet.  neither does billy rohan.  neither does brandon.  so if you have something in mind, send it my way ASAP!

video hype

a la wu-tang joe

cooziesweb from joelocke on Vimeo.

a hard day's fogt

it's a hard life for alex fogt.  he has broken four boards since he got here a week ago--three new boards, plus the one he came up here with--and he's had a cold most of the time he's been in new york.  tonight, jake forced fogt and i to eat at white caste--neither of us had never been.  well, those white castle burgers pushed fogt over the edge.  at a bar, ten minutes after we ate, fogt suddenly threw up.  he mostly contained it in his mouth, but we high-tailed it out of there to regroup and plan our method of attack for tomorrow.

he got some in today despite all the disaster:

board break no. 4.


steve finished his new york flip-cam video, and it's a masterpiece.