get your skateboarding the fuck out the projects!

today fogt and i ventured deep into brooklyn, looking for new spots.  we ended up in the projects, where there was a perfect, endless flatbar.  as we skated, a few high-schoolers started fighting, and a huge crowd surrounded them and cheered.  soon enough, a guy comes up and warns me to get the hell out.  a minute later, fogt slams pretty hard, so we take it as our cue.  on the way out, a lady started screaming at us for being there: "get your skateboarding the fuck out the projects!  get back to the suburbs!"  yes, ma'am.  we booted our white asses back to williamsburg.

tick tock tick tock

at the mandible claw offices, lights are staying on all night, temper tantrums are being thrown, computers are being pushed to their very limits....

nah.  i'm sort of grooving my way through the video.  jake's supposedly doing something; we'll see, i suppose.  in the meantime, here's a new video from good mandible friends, elevated engineering, featuring matt town.

fogt city

fogt is here.  he came with a brand new board, set it up, went to 12 and A, and broke it within ten minutes.  after he bought a new board, we met up with a couple friends and skated downtown, and threw some lumber around to make a spot skateable.  fogt skated a bobby puleo spot backwards, pushing through knobs--how's that for "original," bobby!

business time

i'm busy editing.  only the first part and is completely done, and now i've finished jimmy's section, which leads into other gainesville dudes.  working on erik's section, i saw this.  check the clip number.  you can bet it's a banger.  knudey boy!


the premieres have been moved forward one week, to the 15-16th.  take heed of this and get your groove on, and we'll see you there--in west palm, stuart, or gainesville.  specific dates coming soon.

back in the FLA

so, some backstory: tuesday night, 2 AM, i look out the window and a blizzard is starting. so i find a 20 dollar flight to miami leaving in 3 hours online, say fuck it, and pack up and buy it.  it's snowing like hell.

i take a cab to the airport. but as soon as i get out, i realize my wallet has fallen out into the cab--i must not have put it into my pocket well. and off the cab goes.

so i'm stuck at the airport with no ID, no money, no proof that it's my ticket. i can't even get back to my apartment, and it's 4 in the morning. i call the taxi dispatch, give them the cabbie's badge number, call its luck. so i end up realized that i might as well just try to get back to florida.

i talk to the airport people, end up getting through because i have prescription bottles with my name on them, but they have to call and verify my name, past addresses, social security number, etc....takes an hour. i miss my flight because the asshole supervisor makes me check my skateboard. i get bumped up to a later flight and wait for it, ending up being the very last seat on the plane.

in miami, i have no money and no card to get any, so i turn hobo and beg people on the street for money to get on the air train to west palm. i get enough money just in time from a woman pilot who takes pity on me and gives me a sandwich and a drink. i get to west palm, find a ride to stuart, and voila, here i am.

i can't really go anywhere, so if you want to skate, come down here. over and out!

the editing dungeon

with 2 weeks left before the premiere, i've realized that the video hasn't actually been edited yet. so, i guess i don't have to worry about deciding what to do with my spare time for the next few weeks.

you've probably seen this by now, but if not, it had danny fuenzalida, brian delatorre, and koki shredding miami.

i've got my work cut out for me. but don't worry, loyal pawns, it'll get done, one way or another.

last day in stuart

skated with ol' joe, got some clips for the upcoming PILLAGE video. went to a jazz show. saw fogt's name plastered on the window of an art studio. oh, and i came up on this new tattoo. hyped!

can we get a drumroll, please....

well, the date is set.  the video is premiering along with the REAL video on april 9th at the 561 skate shop in stuart, FL.  i'm going to send a copy to gainesville too, so the rest of the folk can have a premiere up there...unless i somehow manage to squirm up there myself.

set your calendars, boys.  if you're sending me footage, it has to be in within a week.  see you all soon.

new york snapshots

courtesy of michael roders


Mandible claw homie Chad in the 561 shirt getting sprayed with champagne at the Tampa Pro. Heres a link to the video.

Chad Throwing Down

the legend's last part

a bit of trivia: james "the legend" spence was supposed to have the last part of the first mandible claw video. the deal was, if he could film a whole part, he had the last section. well, we all know that didn't happen....

but i have the rough edit of what his part was supposed to look like.  only a few people have seen this edit, and i think it's time for the world to know what the video would have been like if the legend's part had come to fruition.  coming tomorrow, when i can get to a better internet connection.

last day

the skies cleared up, the temperature was in the 50s, and we skated all day--except for michael, who disappeared to go see the met museum and met back up with us at dinner.  connor kammerer met us in chinatown and got a squeaky manual trick; erik and steve got some good mannies in too; and erik got a long line before dark fell.  he tried to get a better one, but ended up breaking his board on it.  but then nic ran into us at the courthouse and livened up the mood.

tomorrow the guys go back to gainesville, and i'm following their lead and heading down to winter haven for a day or two before going down to stuart.  it's been good, new york, but i need a break!

oh, and there's a new full part in the video.  i'll  give you a hint....


chuey is hyped.  he came on up on the line.


today was a rough one.  4 camera hits, one knocked-off lens, a rolled ankle, some serious slams...but chuey did a sick line right off the bat, and in the end erik got the line that caused all the aforementioned trouble in the first place.  check that lakai ish on the rollaway.


film from Yoan Taillandier. for sale at Theories of Atlantis.

gainesvillains in NYC

they guys got here yesterday morning.  well, to be precise, steve and michael got here; erik and chuey missed their flight, and caught a later one in.  we skated for maybe six hours, not really filming anything, but it was a fun, cruising session--we covered a lot of ground, from williamsburg, to downtown, to chinatown.  the guys got their first experiences with dollar dumplings and grumpy new yorkers.  chuey got really close to landing a memorable trick at the courthouse drop, but we got kicked out.

this morning, things took a turn for the bizarre; steve went out on his own to get some food, and when he came back, he accidentally walked into the wrong, though identical, apartment next door.  he tried to enter my apartment, except it wasn't mine, which he then realized and walked back out.  but he was met by cops, who had been called by whoever's door he knocked on, some paranoid fucking assholes apparently, because steve got arrested and taken to jail.

after a lot of time spent trying to figure out what happened and then trying to find what station he was being held at, we set out to pay his bail.  but when we got there, we were told that he had just left, after being given a court date.  of course, he had no phone to use, and was in an unfamiliar part of town.... we ran around shouting his name, splitting up, until finally we found him.

oh, and it was raining today.  hopefully the rest of the week is dryer and safer.

almost done

tommy st. germain finished up the new york section today with a couple rad lines.  so the video is finished...almost.  the only thing i'm waiting for is for people to send me footage...teak, here's looking at you!

out as soon as possible.

the long lost brett land part

brett's a local wherever he goes.  here he is as a wee lad, thrashing gainesville and new york.